sept 7th 2009 012

Royal Meats  BBQ at 710  Kipling Ave caught the eye of this post author simply because of it’s stylish revamping of what once was a coffee shop. This place appeared  so well designed  seemed from the roadway and y wanting find a new place to eat in locally in the west end, while making a left hand turn it was decided to have dinner there.

The service was great, and the menu choices designed in  manner that you choose a from a front counter set up like a butcher shop.  In addition to the unique menu, the place has custom designed chairs and possibly tables, which are a interesting blend of water of laser cut thin aluminium sheet and steel, with the steel being powder coated a grey black smooth finish. The restaurant has a smooth colour palate   that blends everything wonderfully together.

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Link to their ad video – it is worth the look as they provide their farm to restaurant model

link to menu open web page of a PDF

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