WTJHS Historical Mystery Tour article

“How wild do you have to be to cut shut down your own bars?”

05-11-2009 4-40-23 PM

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  1. John Unction says:

    "How bad at english do you have to be to write that headline?"

  2. junctioneer says:

    More of quick paste together of two headers, sometimes i'm posting on the run

  3. John Unction says:

    It's not your mistake. The original is like that too. I thought I was crazy and I read it like 5 times to try and make sense of it.

  4. David says:

    I wrote the original text of this article, but somewhere along the way parts of it – the headlines especially – were edited and altered. The headline looks now to be, in the words of Andrew Jackson, "oll korrect."

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