New eating establishment at Annette St & Quebec Ave


Work has been proceeding for a few months On the building at Annette St & Quebec Ave that for many years held a family Ukrainian grocery store and student lunch service. After serving the community as the grocery the building which it went though a number of short lived efforts.

Now if the rumors are correct the building will house some type of cafe or restaurant, which is wonderful as this could be part of the resurgence of this area of Annette  St. becoming a local stop spot again.


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  1. sn says:

    welcome back junctioneer…we missed the blog

  2. koss says:

    second that, welcome back

  3. Mary Breen says:

    I met the couple who are opening the cafe here – coffee, panini, stuff like that. Can't wait!

  4. gelvan says:

    Were have you been? Missed you.

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