2989 Dundas Street – Update


 Work continues on the former Stereo King building located near the S/W corner of Dundas and Pacific.

The second floor addition has been clad in vertical metal (aluminium I think) wall panels which run the length of the building and wrap around the rear facade. 

The rear of the building is a mix of re-claimed brick and wall panels plus some interesting windows.   

otherSubmitted by Martin L.


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  1. John Unction says:

    To me this addition looks hideous. Brick and alluminum = vodka and milk

  2. CK! says:

    I agree, it is a rather odd combo and whats up with the narrow vertical windows, they have an opportunity to put in some large windows to take advantage of the natural sunlight but they've opted for this instead?

  3. Theirry says:

    This blog is dead! RIP

  4. Dave says:

    What is going on!!!! We need some more updates, it has really been lacking in the last month.

  5. GK says:

    Thanks to the Junctioneer for publicizing the battle with the Go/Metrolinx piledriving. The Canada Transport Agency has released its final dcision siding with the residents who complained.
    We're missing the blog, too.

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