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Proposed park naming – “Upper Junction Park”

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DSC00003 upper junction park

Birdstone Crescent is on the North east corner of St Clair Ave and Old Weston Rd on the site

of the 60’s and 70’s Grenadier Ford trucks Trucks site

The naming of the park situated at 85 Birdstone Crescent, a street this author cannot on Google maps so I am going out to find it to finish this post this morning.

City staff…


The General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division recommends that

Etobicoke York Community Council:

1. name the park situated at 85 Birdstone Crescent “Upper Junction Park”.


birdstone crescent

The General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division recommends that

Etobicoke York Community Council:

1. name the park situated at 85 Birdstone Crescent “Upper Junction Park”.

Dupont/Dundas/Annette nee Dupont/ Dundas/Annette/Old Weston Rd (1983) – gas tanks being removed


The changes that have been wrought on the Dupont/ Dundas/Annette/Old Weston Rd road convergence in the past half century have been huge. At one time Old Weston Rd connected to the intersection bridging the CPR tracks.

The loss of the CPR Station was also a big change at the intersection. In the past year the construction related to the West Toronto Diamond Project has already changed the area and will crate further changes as the project continues.

At the present time the gas holding tanks are being removed at the South west corner, although the building remain untouched, so is there there going to be a new station or something else?

3325 Dundas St West – owner makes excellent design choices for renovation

DSC05381-473x355 g

The building owner of 3325 Dundas St West has added an addition to the back of his building that includes extra space  on the ground and second floors. The design also includes covered parking on the site. This has all been accomplished without breaking the street façade of the surrounding buildings.  (see image below).


43 Junction Road – St Marys Cement Co – major lot clean up as West Toronto Diamond Project moves in


The silo lot at 43 Junction Road has gone though a clean up in the past few months. The cleanup  now may be complete.  Much of this cleanup has been a reuse of the lot from  the disorganized use of the lot as a parking lot for other local businesses and general property wear and tear of the west side of lot – the west side of the silos. Also the general debris of years is gone, and the silos secured to ingress :-(.

West of the silos, fewer trucks are parked at the site and those which are still there as parked in a more organized layout. The east side of the silos and between the two groups, and at the back of the lot, the Go Transit West Toronto Diamond project has used the lot for about two months. They have set up a portable office and are storing earth moving machinery on the site.

All the while the St Marys Cement Co continues its operations. St Marys Cement use of the silos for a railcar offload and distribution  operation is viewed by this author as  great adaptive use of the built infrastructure of the Junction.

The cleanup and the removal of the truck trailers is currently allowing a great view of the warehoused section of the buildings on the site.DSC05353


Happy holidays to all.

For some the Christmas time, is wonderful simply because of the handwriting and note on a christmas card.

West of the Junction or part of it?


The old Rhino’s Gym Space on 3415 Dundas St.W has been leased and renovated by Taekwondo dojang (Ky Young Taekwondo) since September 8th. Nearby, on the lot of Martino Bros Car Wash there will be a senior’s residence and along with other stores the area from Runnymede west is creating more activity and at times this area can get busier than the traditional Junction strip.

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Diamond Taxicab Association station remnants

1511_headeroct 28th 2009 060oct 28th 2009 061
Inside the area of the city that most people consider the Junction, much of the history is being removed in the current reworking of the facades and structure of many buildings.
With this post the blog would like bring to notice  the remnants of the Diamond Taxi Association station at the North East corner of Dundas St West and Runnymede Rd. Remnants of the old station are  difficult to be aware of if you have no idea of the history of the corner. But at the North East corner of the intersection behind the restaurant  is a small parking lot  which still retains two artifacts of the taxi stand which was in use into the 70’s.
Its survival, is probably because of,  simple economics: the gentrification of the Junction has not reached this corner yet so building owners do not  rework their buildings, not wanting the expensive.
There are classic places and architecture all over the Junction area of the old “Junction” scattered throughout the strip and the surrounding streets. But the  pieces, often viewed as  nostalgia are quickly being removed.

CTV’s W5 Kicks off season with segment on "Nightmare on Quebec Street"

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From CTV News Release:

In “Nightmare on Quebec Street”, also featured in this episode, W5’s Investigative Reporter Victor Malarek examines a Toronto neighbourhood where many area residents have experienced harassment and vandalism– no one more so than Carmela Canino, an 87-year-old widow. For eight years, she was subjected to a vicious campaign that saw her windows smashed, her family threatened and even dead animals left in her yard. Malarek chronicles the community’s effort to catch the tormentors and have them banished from the neighbourhood.

The episode premieres on Saturday, Jan. 2 at 7 p.m. ET (visit for local listings).

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Canada Bread factory – be a nosy neighbour

april-3-2009-032Canada bread truck and driver quickly moving trailer around, next to the lot that once was the Moore Paint factory.

One capital night walk in the Junction is  along Cawthra Ave, just above the tracks and off Junction Rd. Walking down this Ave on a  evening after dark will allow you  view the action at the Canada Bread plant. On some nights  the loading area dock will be open and you can get a view inside plant. This plant get very busy overnight with all the workers working quickly and in industrious manner.

While many people perceive the Junction by viewing and drawing opinions from the retail business sector and the residential  character, viewing the  the industry in the area can provide the complete Junction picture
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Inside Toronto article on the renaming of the park for community leaders in the saving of great area Ave.

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Inside Toronto has an informative article by  Lisa Rainford on the renaming of a local park. If you are interested in  the history of near Bloor St apartment and condo area and how it’s complete domination of the area was stopped this is good article to read.

And again it’s great to see a local Councillor Bill Saundercook help the community see this effort though to success.

….up front the community has a  new parkette too, yea!

Direct link to article

link to motion by Councillor Bill Saundercook