Dundas East of Keele coming into the running as a part of the Junction strip

Photo credit Martin L
The site now Photo credit Martin L
The site this past summer with google maps recored it
The site this past summer with google maps recored it

New Development on Dundas East of Keele

Two new stores have been added to the Dundas streetscape East of Keele Street.

Hopefully Green Lavender and Tails & Scale (pet store?) is just the beginning and we see more community friendly development in this part of the Junction.

…submitted by Martin L. co-chair of the Junction Residents Association


My hope is that its an anchor tenant (Tim Ho's, McD's, Burger King, etc) that will start the slow change of businesses from Dupont & Dundas to Keele & Dundas.. it only takes one to get rid of run down Chinese resto's and dilapidated wood repair shops. Then, and only then, will we ever have a chance of getting rid of the "by the day" hotel at the cross walk, where a large part of that stretches problem's lie.

One thing I miss is walking along and hearing the steel pan drum store. Volkwagen auto parts don't quite have the same rhythm.

I'm loathe to start up the same debate on this blog again, but the last thing the Junction or this stretch needs is a McD's, Burger King, etc. Moving on…

Tan…I agree, I didn't know this stretch was out of the running either. I've always thought of this section as the heart of the Junction ….given its proximity to the train track diamond and the major intersection of Dundas & Keele. The title of this post makes it sound like just because this stretch is a little rough around the edges and on the gritty side, its somehow not "part of" the Junction. Is this where the neighbourhood is headed…gentrification = acceptance?

In the spirit of full disclosure: yes, I live right around here.

It's sad but true that this was out of the running. The organization that has worked to promote business in the Junction on Dundas is the BIA, whose zone of coverage begins west of Keele. This stretch with these new stores is without a doubt important to the Junction, but the BIA has really brought its stretch of Dundas to the limelight.

Is there a BIA that is responsible for this stretch? Or is it a no-man's land? Can we petition for the Junction BIA to adopt it?

I would be sad to have chain-style fastfood in my backyard, for sure.

I will keep my eyes open for any signage and report back!

BIA or not there are many thriving and successful businesses in this part of the junction. I'm glad to see these two new stores in my hood but there have also been cafes like Cool Hand and Gingerbread that have helped drive traffic to the "east end" of the Junction.

Lets also not forget all the vibrant businesses we don't see in the Junction. Web designers, Artists, Craft makers, and other SMBs. many of which run successful businesses all over the junction including the "east side" like Hook Ave.

Many of us bring clients into the neighborhood who will also frequent the storefronts of Dundas West on both sides of keele.

I agree with you wholly Badur, and belive there are more "hidden" businesses then storefront businesses.

Yet only in the past 4 years has the east side of Dundas St West from Keele ST started to fill out again. IN the 70's and early 80's it had the counter culture revival, and went dormant again after that phase.

Now the storefront business sector is improving again to the 70's level which is great.

Thanks for pointing it out, and I should have included it in the post that area of the Junction is chalk full of non – store front businesses.

Don't forget Channel Zero…
Another intesting company along this stretch is Gelaskins Inc — they're the people who make those cool graphic decals that you stick on the back of iPods, macbooks, etc.
More info here: http://www.gelaskins.com/
They're office is listed in the directory as 2738 Dundas St. West…is that the building at Watkinson & Dundas? If so, what's going on there? The new warehouse-style windows look great!

Gingerbread Cafe will be dead-pool in 6 to 8 months IMHO. You can't limit your customer base like they have without it costing you business.

Unless it has been expanded recently, the Junction BIA extends from Quebec in the west to Indian Grove in the east (former McBride site is the last BIA site on the south side). The east side of Keele has been left out of the street closing for the Arts Festival over the past few years, creating some hard feelings on the part of the businesses east of Keele. Would be nice if the BIAt went all the way to Annette.

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