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very good article about the Junction being a very veggie-friendly neighbourhood

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This sent in by another local blogger and it’s a great article with wonderful images and good information about the various retail Veg Junction store.

This is a well thought out and presented post worth reading.

direct link to article

The Junction's most famous vacant lot.

12 vine ave

The Junction’s most famous vacant lot – created when the Subway Hotel building – then a rooming house after a surviving a  large gas explosion and repair finally laid down it’s use – succumbing to the city’s crack down on illegal apartments in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

This lot at the corner of Vine Ave and Keele St. which now provides only accommodation for billboard sign. An empty lot such as this, devoid of everything but the hope of what could be creates a very weak link to the community, should there finally be a break in the community and legal status inertia (some would say political – as in the parks dept, as well) that has locked up this prime piece of Junction property  for over 10 years.

approach would be to convert vacant land into mini-parks for recreational use, walking paths and bike trails, and connectors to existing green space. While this too would not produce revenue for the city, arguably it would make blighted neighborhoods more attractive to potential residents, as well as current residents.

In the past, Cleveland has assembled abandoned land (including buildings

The blog would like to suggest this approach –  to convert this vacant land into a  mini-park for recreational use, as a  connector to the surrounding residential area. While this  would not produce revenue for the city, arguably it would cost the city. – The blog asked an estate agent what the lot cost would be into present condition and was told anywhere between   285 and 400 thousand dollars. However it would make this  blighted corner more attractive to stop and talk activities and community events, as well as attract new  residents.

With the large condo development across the street being this lot in the public space would greatly benefit the community.

The Toronto parks department has purchased private land for mini-parks in the recent past so the idea to not out in space.

The Junction BIAs' santa day

Elf, Santa, and Fire FightersSanta_Event_Carollers

This past Saturday the Junction Business Improvement Area hosted a Santa day at the Train station. The image of the carolers is wonderful and the sound must have been great.

Dundas East of Keele coming into the running as a part of the Junction strip

Photo credit Martin L

The site now Photo credit Martin L

The site this past summer with google maps recored it

The site this past summer with google maps recored it

New Development on Dundas East of Keele

Two new stores have been added to the Dundas streetscape East of Keele Street.

Hopefully Green Lavender and Tails & Scale (pet store?) is just the beginning and we see more community friendly development in this part of the Junction.

…submitted by Martin L. co-chair of the Junction Residents Association

200 Annette Street – Czechoslovak Church Development – Update

200 Annette Street – Czechoslovak Church Development - Update Nov 29

Junction Residents Association update on the Czechoslovak Church on the N/E corner of High Park  Photo by  Junction Resents Association co-chair Martin L.

A zoning review has been issued for the Czechoslovak Church on the N/E corner of High Park and Annette.  This property has been up for sale twice in the last year and more than a few developers have had their eye on it.13-12-2009 4-50-22 PM

The zoning review states “convert existing church into an eight unit residential building”.

Looks like they plan to convert the church and not demo it.  Although the handyman shop is an example of how that turns out sometimes.

Hopefully the planers take the time to integrate the church structure and strike a balance of old and new similar to the Victory Lofts down the street.

A Short History of Haida Gwaii – West Toronto Junction Historical Society talk

Join us Thursday, January 7, 2010 7:30 p.m at the Annette Public Library  for A Short History of Haida Gwaii (which only recently changed its name from the Queen Charlotte Islands). Gib Goodfellow will illustrate his talk with images recorded by Phyllis Goodfellow and Lynn Wiggan on their excursion to these isolated and scenic islands north of Vancouver Island in June of 2009. Haida Gwaii is composed of two principal islands. The southern most has a small community, an airport and numerous historic Haida sites which have been vacated since the small pox epidemics of the 19th century. Some are open to the public and exist within a unique partnership between Parks Canada and the Haida people. The north island contains most of the current population and economic activity, as well at the six larger communities.


Someone you love would love to get connected to their roots in the historic Junction.
Join the West Toronto Junction Historical Society and share the most exciting story in Toronto. Receive four issues of our award winning historical quarterly, the Leader and Recorder. Join now and get five issues of the L&R as copies of our fall 2009 edition are still available featuring the remarkable story of the Dundas Mosque: Malcolm X in the Junction, Louise Fein Corblum’s reminisces celebrating the Centennial of West Toronto Paint and Wallpaper and David Wencer’s full and riotous account of Wild, Wild, Junction Historical Mystery Tour.  Individual memberships $20, family memberships $30.
Your membership fees support the WTJHS archives, our efforts to preserve historic buildings and our monthly speaking series in the Annette Street Library.

Go to for details.

Victorian Carolers in the Kingsway


Victorian Carolers in the Kingsway

From Saturday, 05 December 2009
To Saturday, 19 December 2009
1:00pm – 3:00pm Saturday of each week

in the Kingsway
Our Victorian Carolers
will once again be strolling the Kingsway
filling the air with traditional Yuletime favourites
December 5th, 12th and 19th 1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
On the 12th and 19th
they will be strolling in the evening
from 5:30 to 7:30pm as well!
Satisfy everyone’s wish list requests
from the many unique shops
enjoy a meal at any of the fine restaurants
in the Kingsway !
Visit our website for additional information

Major Development on St Clair Ave West and Runnymede Rd

The development on the south side St Clair between Runnymede and Jane is kicking into high gear.  The Old Mill Pontiac dealership has just opened a huge showroom which spans both sides of Jane Street along the rail line.

West of Wal-Mart a new plaza with about a half dozen outlets is being built.  The only advertised tenant is TD Canada Trust, which is pictured here.  I’m optimistic they won’t close the Dundas Street location about 100m south of this site but I’m sure they will.

The city was planning an avenues study for this area but with this development, the new shopping centre and the big blocks they won’t have much left to study.

submitted by Martin L

Village of West Toronto Junction T-shirts

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Revised OPA/rezoning application for 195 & 203 Oakmount Road, 200 Keele Street

200 keele st google13-12-2009 11-32-29 AM

The revised OPA/rezoning application received by the City on August 27, 2009 proposes to retain 14 of the 15 townhouse units (since there is considerable protection for mid-range and affordable rental housing). The new plan is to build 13 townhouse units in the rear yards of 195-203 Oakmount (some of the new building might be 200 Keele Street) and to access these by a private road along the north side of 200 Keele Street.

All of the concerns outlined in the City’s preliminary report are still valid, including rental concerns since the proposal amounts to an intensification of a rental site.

The matter comes before York Etobicoke Community Council on the morning of Tuesday January 12, 2010 (agenda pending).

From there it goes to the full City Council on January 26 and 27. Next comes the OMB prehearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 23 at 9:00 in the morning. The OMB hearing itself is scheduled for three weeks starting Monday April 12 at 10:00 am.

Ontario Municipal Board document PDF document download. (hosted here at the blog)

Ontario Municipal Board document PDF document download. (hosted at the OMB)

At Community Council the issue will be whether to release City staff to defend the City’s position at the OMB appeal. The councillors will hear deputations (maximum length 5 minutes each), so it’s important to attend this meeting (that’s Tuesday, January 12) if you possibly can.    City Council does not hear deputations.

By the February 23rd OMB prehearing, the City will have determined its position, and the newly formed Lithuania Ravine Residents and Ratepayers Association, a party to the OMB appeal, will have done the same. Residents have until 10:00 am February 23 to decide if they wish to shelter under the Ravine Association or if they wish to be participants and to inform the OMB of their decision.

At present, the city’s response to the new proposal is not posted. The issues (Neighbourhoods, Ravine protection, the Built envionment ie road access, and Rental housing), however, have not changed.
See you on January 12.

…submitted in comment by reader Leslie, links and images added by the  blog