11 DIVISION Police Move photo update


carlton ps takedown
at the rear of the school the 1st outside of the teardown appear

When we last checked in on this school near the corner of Davenport Rd and Old Weston Rd the demo work, was only beginning to start with surveying being done.

Now it’s looking like the finish line for the school  is in sight, though it doesn’t seem as though the big machines will be arriving in the next month if Priestly Demolition Inc follows it;s normal timeline  of removing the building inter 1st of salvageable materials . As we noted a year ago, the school is being  demolished to make way for the development of the new police 11 division station.


The plan is to demolish only the newer part of the building, not what's seen here. That should be clear. A lot of interior demolition will happen to convert the building for the police, but the whole thing won't be demolished.

The landscaping around the perimeter of the new 11 Division has begun. Lots of trees being planted…always a good sign! I wish I had a working camera! If anyone is able to take some photos and post them it would be appreciated.

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