2853 Dundas Street West looking good after brick rehab


Worth the walk… worth the look to see the end result of the work on the south east corner of Dundas St West and Keele St


Q: Why didn't they extend the work across the front facade to the end of the building (heading east) above Gerard's office, etc? Do different people own different parts of the whole building?

One part looks great now, and by default the part that wasn't worked on looks grimey

I agree it looks fantastic now. Hopefully the person who owns the Campbell Block on the NW corner will follow suit. Due to its location this intersection is one of the Junction's major hubs, and it's a shame these two buildings have been hidden all these years.

Agreed, the building looks great. However, just one small complaint. Why is the black exhuast duct on the front of the building leaning forward at the very top. How difficult would it have been to make the duct work square with the facade? In the grand scheme of things its minor, but just something I noticed…

What is happening w/ Galaxy Donuts. They're old sign was sold at Post & Beam down the road and it doesn't look like there are any plans to put up a new one. It makes me think they're not goting to be around for long. The makeshift signs in the window look temporary.

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