Approved – the naming of the park situated at 85 Birdstone Crescent as "Upper Junction Park”

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Etobicoke York Community Council:

1.             Approved the naming of the park situated at 85 Birdstone Crescent as “Upper Junction Park”. Quote are  marks used by the city in their report

Why the quotation marks? –  well this author believes although the council approved the name, in their hearts they must have known they were participating in culture destruction. (see orange text below detailing the use of the marks)

Dictionary:quotation mark

Either of a pair of punctuation marks used primarily to mark the beginning and end of a passage attributed to another and repeated word for word, but also to indicate meanings or glosses and to indicate the unusual or dubious status of a word. They appear in the form of double quotation marks (” “) and single quotation marks (‘ ‘). Single quotation marks are usually reserved for setting off a quotation within another quotation.

The Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division is recommending that the park located at 85 BirdstoneCrescent be officially named “ Upper Junction Park” in recognition of  the important role the Upper Junction played in the City’s history.

Background Information
December 15, 2009 staff report

EY29.37 Extract


I'm glad this passed. But to say that the enclosure of Upper Junction Park in quotation marks denotes some kind of knowledge of culture destruction is ridiculous. Take off your tin foil hat and join us in 2010.

1. This wasn't part of the meat packing district.
2. Few people want to live in "the stock yards".
3. There was no other commonly used neighbourhood name, so one was chosen keeping with West Toronto history.

I don't see the need for hysteria.

Well hysteria is strong word, I simply do not like the name.

Subsections of the meat packing industry did operate on the est side of Weston Rd, equipment makers, (ACME) and some packaging materials suppliers.

I still wonder that we are placing the community down the same path as the old Chicago meat packing area did, during the slow rising of a new resident community in the area rejecting the stockyards heritage (destroying it's buildings etc) then at the end of it in their newly finished community strive RENAME the community the stockyards.

as to point number two I am one of the few 😉

I am aware of that, but I use the point to drive home the deeper cause of the rapid loss of the heritage culture happening in the community.

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