Etobicoke York Community Council recommends refusing Revised OPA/rezoning application for 195 & 203 Oakmount Road, 200 Keele Street

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Etobicoke York Community Council recommends that:

1.            City Council refuse application No. 08  208726 WET 13 OZ to amend the Zoning By-law and Official Plan, at 200 Keele Street, and 195 and 203 Oakmount Road, and support the decision of the Deputy Secretary-Treasurer of the Etobicoke York District panel Committee of Adjustment to refuse consent to sever the rear portions of 195 and 203 Oakmount Road.

2.            City Council refuse application No. 08 208852 WET 00 RH for a permit under Municipal Code Chapter 667 to demolish rental housing at 200 Keele Street.

3.            City Council direct the City Solicitor and other appropriate staff to attend, if necessary, at the Ontario Municipal Board, to support City Council’s decision to refuse the Zoning and Official Plan Amendment applications and to support the decision of the Deputy Secretary-Treasurer of the Etobicoke York District panel Committee of Adjustment to refuse consent to sever the rear portions of 195 and 203 Oakmount Road, as represented by the proposal and appeals outlined in the report (December 16, 2009) from the Director, Transportation Services, Etobicoke York District.

2010-01-12 Decision Document link PDF hosted at the blog


Good decisions by the City. Are the views of our silent Councillor on record. I know Gord Perks is vehemently against this development but his Ward boundry is east of this ridiculous proposal.

On January 26 City Council adopted the recommendations of the Etobicoke York Community Council.
On January 27 the developer's lawyer requested an indefinite adjournment of the OMB hearing scheduled for February 23 (prehearing) and April 12 (hearing proper).
At the moment (noon, February 4), I don't know if the OMB has granted the request.
The Lithuania Ravine Association has asked that the association be consulted in the setting of any new date, and that those who received the original notices also be notified of a new date.

Kneel – I have it from people who were at the Community Council meeting that the vote in favour of the Report (and thus, against the Development) was nearly unanimous, with Councillor Saundercook voting with the majority to refuse the application. There was evidently only one dissenting vote, and I've been told that came from Ward 12's Frank Di Giorgio (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).

The actual results aren't posted, so I'm relying on my memory.
Councillor Saundercook made the motion (it's his ward) that the staff recommendations be adopted. Councillor Grimes seconded. The vote was 9-1 in favour, with Councillor Di Giorgio opposed.
I looked up Councillor Di Giorgio. One of his committees is the Planning and Growth Cttee, which is currently discussing with the province whether the City has the powers it needs to prevent residential rental units from being converted into co-ops (one plan the developer had for the units on 200 Keele). The province says yes, the City says no, but obviously it's a current concern or the Planning and Growth Cttee wouldn't be spending time on it.

Anyone walking by Lithuania Park on Keele or Oakmount may have noticed signs about proposed development on the north side of the park.
The previous proposal for 27 (14+13) townhouses were turned down by the City on the grounds that it did not satisfy Official Plan policies is respect of natural areas (the ravine), neighbourhoods (form and density), DIPS and rental housing.
The new proposal is for 76 units in 2 apartment blocks.
In its evaluation of the new proposal there will be a Community consultation meeting at which you can express your views.
The City hopes to schedule this meeting in a local school in the middle of October. Please plan to attend.
(Note: Etobicoke-York Community Council discussed this item at its JUNE 11 meeting. If you're having trouble with any of the links you can find the minutes of that meeting on the City's web site and access the documents by following the links posted there.)

For clarification, filing a new proposal re-opens the file. The city must circulate the new proposal to all its departments for comments, just as it did the previous proposal (the one it subsequently rejected). The new, more intense, proposal will come before Etobicoke-York Community Council, where the councillors will decide whether to accept or reject it.
Therefore it is very important for people in the community to make their views known.

7:00pm OCTOBER 13, 2011
Humberside CI Cafeteria (basement), 280 Quebec Avenue
What do you think about this proposal for development?
PLEASE COME on October 13 and say so.
If you can't come to the meeting, you can send a fax to 416-394-6063,
or write to:
Tom Keefe, Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District
2 Civic Centre Crt., Floor 3
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5A3
You may also contact Councillor Sarah Doucette at 416-392-4072 or by email to

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