New store in the Junction eh?


The post from a few days ago about the opening of new gift and periodical store generated a lot of discussion regarding retailing in the Junction. As well it led to a discussion about the failure to continue of the Gingerbread Cafe and the Acme candy store. Like many other community blog runners the creation of discussion within the community is one of the hopes I had for this blog, and the discussion about the candy store and the café was great, and I for one read a lot of new information.

The conversation did not turn however to the idea of a gift and magazine store such as the ones spotting up Queen St West in opening up in the Junction. I for one would really  like a magazines and newspapers, section as it is now impossible to buy art, design or political magazines in the Junction. Yet can the Junction support this?

Also after receiving the request to post I began wonder what would  a gift store tailored to the Junction look like. …bespoke craft based? …import based as the new Scandinavian themed store. … gadget techno based?

this post was the original post, and from the requester email…

“to open a gift shop at Dundas and Keele this spring, since I found when I was living in the Junction there was a very limited amount of places to shop, and a tonne of awesome design savvy people having to go down to Queen W or Bloor W to buy a gift or magazine etc.”


Judging by the lack of responses, it looks like it's easier to be critical than it is to be constructive.

I filled in an online survey about what I'd like to see, but have since had some more ideas. Your idea about magazines is one I like, for example. With a lot of good cafes right now, it would be great to have a place selling magazines as well as some international or hard-to-find newspapers.

I'd also be interested in writing supplies – pens, stationery, blotting paper (which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in Toronto), etc. Really though, I'd be fine with another store selling t-shirts or candles or any number of items already available in the Junction. More variety means I'm more likely to try the whole strip and find something I like!

Oh, and given the rarity of living in a Maltese neighbourhood, I'd like to see some more Malta-themed items available, too!

I too would love to see a magazine store, but a magazine store that is so much more. I would like a place, where I could perhaps buy a nice strong coffee and a locally made snack while I browse the magazine store while picking up a drool proof book for my toddler, and perhaps a funky hostess gift and while I am at it, my dad needs some magnified reading glasses….oh and I need some pretty paper napkins for a party tonight! This perhaps sounds like a tall order, but I am modelling after my fav. store, with a funny name….Pete's Frootique

When I envision what I would love for the Junction it would be like Pete's Frootique,which is a fabulous high quality, yet not high price store in Halifax. "Pete's" has a whole section of British Candy, condiments and products; a fabulous magazine area, fresh cut flowers, fresh baked bread and neat little home knick knacks, they also offer really high quality produce. The service is outstanding and it has great atmosphere! Here is the site, if you are interested!

I'm dreaming of a fruit and vegetable store that also sells flowers, like the ones on almost every corner on Roncesvalles.
Preferably just east of Keele.

I fully agree GK, if you look into the blog archive, there is a post entitled "Flowers upon your and my table" lamented your exact point.

Yes, fruit and vegetable stores are missing from the Junction! One with flowers, or just another flower shop altogether. I would love to do all of my business in the Junction but I still have to trek to Roncesvalles or Bloor West for certain things, and I hate that.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and your great suggestions. I've received lots of feedback from the survey and I will try and fulfill as many of your requests as possible ( I agree with all of them so far). I am still looking for the right storefront in the Junction, and I am hoping to be able to have doors open in May. If anyone has any further suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me at .

Thanks again + see you soon!


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