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New Gym coming to the Junction


At Pacific Ave and Dundas St West in the building on the north east corner which has three retail spaces on the ground floor, a new womens gym (where members spouses will be welcomed) is going in. In the past few weeks the removal of the old Scotiabank service counters has occurred.

With all the text this author puts on this blog about the Junction strip, I seem to have been remiss in promoting a gym, but the though of one coming in is great.  Yes  I know iron core is in the Junction, Yet I get the feeling it’s a gym for hard-core physical fitness persons.

The Village by High Park, Retail what if?

Looking out of the/one of the retail spaces in the building

Looking out of the/one of the retail spaces in the building

It’s  the most obvious location for what type of  retail operation? –  a restaurant, a clothes cleaner, a convenience store, a flower store, a dollar store, a hobby store or art store.  But someone or some corporate entity probably is  planning on making a go the ground-floor space at the The Village by High Park, aka the old Canadian Tire Keele St site. what will/should it be?

As you may know, this tower is a condominium hybrid mix of affordable units and some retail  built by Deltera Construction for the Options for Homes company. For the moment the space is undivided to offer flexibility with the leasing opportunities.

Is this where the chains stores such as Starbucks will place themselves in the Junction?

Below is an image of a similar type and size retail operation at the bottom of a condo development – gives you an idea of what retail along this stretch will look like.

sim store

The Village by High Park, the electrical rooms – photo post

Well this is just as exciting to this author as all the other photos from the blogs tour of the Village by High Park development.  In the photos below you are inside the election control and distribution rooms. These rooms are placed at the north west corner of the development at the south east corner of the Keele St underpass (subway).

Two cases to the right (at rear) are Toronto Hydro control switches

Two cases to the right (at rear) are Toronto Hydro control switches

inside one of the step-down transformers

inside one of the step-down transformers

Distribution to units area

Distribution to units area

Individual  control switches

Individual control switches

Readying stores St Clair Ave. West and Runnymede Road


Just west of St Clair Ave. west and  Runnymede Road moving towards Jane St on the north side is filling out completely with  the current retail development the north side of St Clair Ave will be full.

This site for decades was home to transportation companies 1st the less than truckload division of the CPR and then Consolidated Fast Freight. then for another decade it was home to foundation of the freight building. Construction of the current new buildings all of the box type building architecture has been rapid.

30 Weston Rd. all grinding away

Priestly Demolition grinds up the concrete from  30 Weston Rd.  Bunge plant. Wondering if the clean fill they are creating will be used on site.



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Lack of sign boards in the Junction causing drive & walk bys?


The cities stringent sign board  rules and cumbersome methods of getting one and keeping one, thrusts an open walk and drive by hole in helping one sheepishly or purposely choose a place to eat and drink in the Junction.

These signs boards pictured above along King St west in the core give a quick way to get an idea of whats on todays menu. Other things such as the open roof top garden on one vendors establishment are made aware to one.  A bit of walking to and fro and up and down a street allows people to gain a wealth of food and drink knowledge upon which to make their eating and drinking choices.

So many communities have them little Italy, the Beaches, so sad we do not.

Espresso Mi Vida Inc. Sunday Feb.28/10 from 9-10am

org ex

Maple Leaf Foods subsid…Canada Bread has found a new home for it's Junction production

1st thanks to commenter A.F for alerting the blog to this


lines from the article on CB Business (full article here)

Canada Bread picked Hamilton on Wednesday (FEB 17th)  as the site for its massive new bakery. pleased to be growing our presence in Hamilton through this $100-million investment to establish a world-class bakery facility,” said Canada Bread president Richard Lan

The company said the bakery will be built on a 10-hectare property in North Glanbrook Industrial Park. The company and the City of Hamilton are working to complete the permitting process and expect construction to start in June.

The federal government will also provide $2 million towards pre-engineering and design activities to build the new bakery.

It’s sad the Junction loses jobs and industry, although the author of this post understands the opinions of many in the community who dislike the industry, there is the issue of a balanced economy for the Junction, and new plants must meet stringent rules for emissions and noise.

Weather not to kind to ice rink


The high temperature s have not been kind to ice rink this year for skating, but it is fun to frolic! on.