New Gym coming to the Junction


At Pacific Ave and Dundas St West in the building on the north east corner which has three retail spaces on the ground floor, a new womens gym (where members spouses will be welcomed) is going in. In the past few weeks the removal of the old Scotiabank service counters has occurred.

With all the text this author puts on this blog about the Junction strip, I seem to have been remiss in promoting a gym, but the though of one coming in is great.  Yes  I know iron core is in the Junction, Yet I get the feeling it’s a gym for hard-core physical fitness persons.


News of this gym is definitely exciting, but your impression of Iron Kore is not at all on the money. The space may look a little hard core with its lack of treadmills and stationary bikes, and its racks of kettlebells, but that just shows a different training philosophy. The focus of Iron Kore is on functional training.

As is the case in all gyms, there are members who are 'fit', but programs at Iron Kore are designed to improve the fitness level of everyone. People of all ages and sizes are members there. I have been a member there for over a year and prior to that had never worked with weights. Might I suggest checking them and out and then posting some information here on your blog? They have free orientation sessions.

Thanks Iamaac, couldn't have said it better myself. The path to authentic, functional fitness knows no bounds with respect to gender, age or current fitness/skill level. This explains why IronKore's programs have been equally effective for pro/elite athletes, kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

I merely commented on the building since I have no interest in joining the gym. Red brick modernism is also relevant to the issue of modern design fitting into a Victorian streetscape.

I believe the gym is a part of the adjacent High Park Family Fun Centre which is due to open around Easter weekend. The centre has great promising attributes, apparently with membership you will have access to fun activities for your family, birthday parties can be held there, parenting workshops, gym facilities with ECE employees who will mind your kids while you work out and a ton more activities.

Hope is does well. Risky opening an indoor fitness place in April when the the weather is getting nicer and peoples thoughts are of sunny days. Also seem kind of pricey to me, but what do I know.

Careful with IronKore. I bought a bunch of training sessions because it's expensive on a one-off. Injured myself, doctor doesn't want me training. Been off for a couple of months. Brought the doc's letter- they won't refund my money. they have about $1000 of my money. Only way to refund? If there is no hope of recovery! What a joke. Meaning I'm paralyzed or terminally ill. Why would I ever want to train there again. When I got injured, I had just signed up for a month class as well. attended once- she said she'd put it on hold- then later told me it's non-refundable.

I've known Sharon the owner for years. She is controlling, treats her clients like chldren. My son and his friend were late 5 minutes for a class- slow bus. She wouldn't let them attend. Sent them away. It's all about her and her silly rules.

Watch out for a gym that puts their financial interest ahead of what's reasonable. Why would I come back?

They are very expensive. Some of the trainers are great- Sharon and Dave are not. And they rule!

Iron Kore is AMAZING! It is an independent gym, not part of the High Park Family Fun Centre. It is open to ANYONE, both men and women!
@deborah nixon, It is too bad that you were unable to train due to an injury, but that is the policy at every single gym I have ever been to. If you buy sessions, you cannot get a refund, but can defer your sessions until another time. I am sure once you are recovered you will be able to resume your personal training sessions, have you asked about that? Either way, best of luck to you in your recovery. 🙂

Also, I don't have that impression of the owners at all, I have learned so much from them and the other trainers there as well. They are very good at making sure you have optimal mobility and perfect form.
If you are looking for something innovative, challenging and fun, then definitely give Iron Kore a try. You will not get an experience like this elsewhere. 🙂

Hi, this facility is open to everyone, men and women. Not sure if they started out as a women's gym, but that isn't the case at the moment. I attended an orientation, as really liked what they are doing there. They are very knowledgeable and serious about what they're doing? I'm excited about signing up for a first level program, and getting rid of some of the 'ole winter fat!

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