Fuzzy boundaries effort chooses Junction Triangle

The effort to rename the area commonly known as the Junction Triangle

Inside Toronto article on the the vote and the naming process (March 16th 2010) link


They didn't want to be known as a part of "The Junction", so instead those chose Junction Triangle? How utterly stupid is that?

When you explain where Perth is to somebody that doesn't live in the area you either say "The Junction" or "Bloor/Lansdowne" or even "Pelham Park". Junction Triangle is a farce. If you want to be down so bad just call yourself The Junction and we'll accept you.
What's next for that area, sovereignty?? LOL!!

Ok fine… but from here on out The Junction is now known as "HIGH PARK NORTH"… my friends voted… its equally as official.

You can look forward to the Junction Triangle Festival this coming summer. All right, acute, obtuse, equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles welcome.

I'm loving all of the expert commentary. You guys might want to get off your duffs and stop complaining before you get a reputation as a bunch of cranky guys. Not sure why a democratic process in community building that selected a name that has been around for almost 40 years would prompt such anger/nonsense. Aren't there bigger issues to grip about?

Hey Kevin,

One thing I'd like to gripe with you about is… The other day I was on the new bike path and I saw a whole bunch of paper blowing (maybe 50 pieces) around everywhere. When I checked out what it was it was flyers promoting your name voting event. I guess somebody in your camp was tying these papers to tree branches which in turn got wet, fell on the ground and blew all over the place. Most of the trash is between the Dupont foot bridge and the Metal Salvage yard but I didnt venture south of there. It looks really bad for you guys. Last year you used the path to put your names on as a public sounding board and now it seems as though you are using it as a trash yard. It would be a nice gesture if you organized a clean up of the path now. Or will you leave it for the city which will use our taxpayer dollars to clean it? If you like I can verify this garbage by providing pictures.

Promote all you like but please be concious of the environment. It was a waste of paper and worse than that, all of the branches that you guys tied twine around will have growth problems in the future. Not cool.

Those flyers were not put there by Fuzzy Boundaries, but by an individual who was promoting a specific name (have a closer look at the flyers). It seems to me that most of them have already been cleaned up.

For what it's worth, several Fuzzy Boundaries members have been very active in Railpath cleanup efforts, picking up trash when we're out walking, or organizing group cleanup efforts like the one last Autumn. There will likely be another cleanup organized during the annual Community Cleanup Day, or sooner…



I see what you're saying but here are some facts:

-Those flyers were a direct result of the FB naming event and the flyers would not have been created or tied to any saplings had Fuzzy Boundaries not launched a campaign using the bike path as a sounding board.

-After the chalking other vandals started writing their own messages on the path in spray paint which still remain.

-Lastly as silly as it sounds, according to the Toronto Graffiti bylaws (which I am versed in from working with the police on a program which allowed graffiti artists to perform their medium in legal spaces) chalking is considered vandalism and is punishable by law. http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/municode/1184_485.pdf

If a person wrote political or religious messages in chalk on the path would that be ok? What is and is not acceptable to write?

I'm not trying to be 'grumpy' I'm just saying if you're going to use our parks as a sounding board and bend the laws then at least man up and clean up after yourself when you've finished, regardless of which individual is responsible.

Sonny there is little point in trying to reason with you, Your assertions are ridiculous. The spray painting on the Railpath started long before our chalking campaign The chalked slogans and names received a lot of positive feedback from residents in the area. Rather than post paper signs are lamp standards around the neighbourhood (normally considered a blight, but legal for community initiatives), we used earth-friendly chalk which was washed away with each rainfall.
If the by-law which you cite was actually enforced, the school children who were chalking on the Railpath last week would be considered vandals and their actions would be punishable by law.
The green tags prompting the Black Oak Triangle name were an imaginative use of public space that were posted by someone who is interested in greening the area. Her effort was one of the highlights of the project and you need to re-think your statements. No damage was done and no trace of the postings remain.
If you are not trying to be grumpy, you leave many wondering why you continually attack a volunteer initiative designed to make the neighbourhood on the east side of the tracks a better place?

Kevin, hate to bring you back down to earth from your ivory perch however please see the below image of 2 signs (as an example, there are more if you would like me to post more pictures?) from your fuzzy initiative that are now garbage on the community path. One is actually still (illegally) posted, while the other is now killing a patch of spring grass. I'm going to assume others, myself included, would take you a little more seriously if you weren’t so furiously speaking out of your derrière:


From your posting Theirry, I only see one sign on the ground which was either blown down or pulled off the fence. All the signs were removed including the two pictured within days of the conclusion of the project. Did you think to pick up the sign or did your limit the righteous actions to taking pictures and criticizing the work of neighourhood volunteers?

I come from the school of personal responsibility Kevin, so I left that clean up to you and your group. I also don't need to go on, online no less which is laughable, about my minor contributions to my communitiy and society as a whole.

Congrats, you picked up some garbage strewn about the path. I and many others do the same thing every day, its called being a civil human being.

Hi everyone, just my two cents but I think we should all 1st realize the the naming effort was a great community building exercise, and bought a lot of thought about the community to bear by it's members.

Yes there was some litter and the organizers provably wished there was none, but no litter would be impossible, and the fact that people actually took the time to "name tag " their choice about the community is wonderful.

In addition the organizers cannot be responsible for every action related to their effort.

Also consider they came offline to do it too!

Can we turn this conversation to discussing to maybe a discussion of community signing and ways to get it to meet environmental concerns and maybe why the activity has merits/

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