Gas Rite getting a tune up?

Gas Rite March 21 2010

A Zoning Review as been issued for the Gas Rite station located at 3449 Dundas Street West.  The proposal includes a “new Retail Building also one coin operated Car Wash and one Drive Thru Car Wash buildings.”

The Junction may still one day become Toronto’s car wash capital.

Submitted by Martin L.  co-chair of the Junction Residents Association


This gas station is on the periphery of the Junction (and that's being generous). It's better to have a carwash here rather than on the more historic stretch of Dundas.

Another car wash? You've got to be joking! If this keeps up, they're going to wreck our community.

If the Gas Rite location does get built, I wonder what this means for the proposed car wash at Indian Grove and Dundas?

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