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New York Pork gets re boarded


The New York Pork building which has recently become run over for urban infiltration people in the city has recently added more board hording to the site, yet in not way enough to stop ingress.

Inside view at flickr opens in new window

Jane subway- underpass at Dundas St West to St Clair Ave


With the addition of the new Old Mill car dealership on the old Torcan/CP/Fastfreight site next to the Walmart at Runnymede and Dundas St West, whose lot itself was part of the Torcan/CP/Fastfreight site have come some wonderful new street amendments.

Two of these being the black fence and the evergreen trees, both of which help change the intersection from a concrete hole in a better yet not complete intersection in terms of visual and common use appeal.

Dufferin Street Jog Elimination project photo Post update

if permanent benches won't work outside Junction eating places…


Will removable furniture? This furniture outside Pusater’s running along Bay St, is easily moved in and out I would think. Yes this author has a thing about street life.

Ladies and gentlemen, lets have  more Sidewalk dining in the Junction.

High Park Family Fun Place – what is it?


Blog reader Dave has asked  for a post about the  High Park Family Fun Place and what people think about it ?

I can place this post up but it’s up to everyone to say what they think of the idea.

1st your author has to declare that the blog is out of it at times,such as when this sign went up the whole womans gym idea which I had heard about went out the window.  Why? because if I think clearly this new concern is the effort of two Junction people who I know and for which I have looked at the business plan.

What I do know is that Jennifer and Pierre (and you would find it hard to find two more committed people) working considerably to round out this idea.  All along I viewed the idea as  a ‘community place’  where kids can play with parents, local people can meet and a lot of activities can happen.

16-03-2010 8-19-59 PM

It is a very unique concept, it can read about at their web site

I for one think the idea is great.

from their site

Full Scale Gym designed as a “family/community” styled gym for allages. The gym features treadmills, bikes, weights, 6 plus fitness classes daily for adults, kids, teens and seniors. Personal trainers are available by request.

Art Section is for children of all ages with a focus on drawing, sculpting, painting and photography. For younger children aged 1 – 6 years, we offer Creative Expression where kids can enjoy stamping, tracing, gluing and painting. For older children (tweens & teens) we have organized Crafting classes featuring crafts, photography, drawing and other creative arts.

Party Room for birthdays or parties of any kind. Come and celebrate your special event with us. There are three different party packages to choose from all designed to make your party a great success. We even offer organic food catering

The Lectures & Workshop Room features weekly seminars covering a variety of interesting topics including wealth, health, parenting, culture and community. The Lectures & Workshop Room is also available on a rental basis for local businesses and group gatherings (i.e. book clubs, knitting, scrapbooking etc.). Contact us for full details.

Fuzzy boundaries effort chooses Junction Triangle

The effort to rename the area commonly known as the Junction Triangle

Inside Toronto article on the the vote and the naming process (March 16th 2010) link

Pho Huong, on the corner of Pacific Ave and Dundas St W gets great review on Blogto

15-03-2010 9-34-40 PM

Link to article

item sent in by blog reader Stewart

Long well maintained building gets more care



We’d glanced at back of what can arguably be one the most beautiful multi residential buildings in the Junction too see some restoration work proceeding.


Function in the Junction


fire 2

Saturday March 27 2010

Your Junction Residents Association proudly presents Function in the Junction.  A fundraiser to support the continuing historical research of the brave firefighters of the Junction 423.

All proceeds will be used to professionally frame historic photographs and documents for display in the fire house

A four-course dinner will be served at Aquila restaurant from 6-8 pm for $35 per person.

We are  excited to announce  that  the hours for dinner have been extended to 10:00pm  so remember  to book your space  with Aquila

In celebration and honour of Earth Hour we  will enjoy the sounds of acuostic music performed in Candlelight  from 8:30-9:30pm

Giraffe development dismissed by Ontario Municipal Board

This development at Bloor St west and Dundas St. West has been rejected by the OMB with the cities will. In this post are image grabs from the decision that provide a good overview of the respective positions of both sides which also give a good idea of how developers view such issues.

They also give some insight into the Crossways development

In the Globe and Mail (thanks blog reader David for this link)

OMB decision download (pdf)