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I was out for a walk today when I stumbled upon a great community service.
It’s called “Free Geek” and today (Saturday April 24th) was their open
house.  It started in 2000 in Portland, Oregon and has spread throughout
the states and Canada.  Free Geek has two central goals: to reuse or
recycle used computer equipment that might otherwise become hazardous
waste, and to make computer technology more accessible to those who lack
financial means or technical knowledge.

From their website:
“Yes, we do “give” good computers away at $0.00. You can get one in
exchange for volunteer work in our community technology center. Our two
main sharing programs, and the core of our non-profit, have varying levels
of learning and time commitments:
Computer Adoption
Computer Build

Our other activities, such as our Thrift Store, help support these programs.

No previous computer experience is necessary! We teach you all you need to
know. You keep both the complete computer you earn, and the free
education. No tuition fees are required, either. The main requirements,
besides your getting here, that we build upon are the good old-fashioned
skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Funny, huh? Those are the traditional 3 Rs, and yet there is now another
meaning for “3 Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Free Geek Toronto, like all
Free Geeks, focuses on Reuse first, ethical Recycling second, and the
overall goal is to Reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste.”

They give PC’s away FREE to customers in exchange for volunteering at the
center.  So not only are they reducing the waste of computers being thrown
in landfills but they are also training the community on computer repair
and giving computers to those who might not be able to afford such

I just donated an old computer and mouse and I encourage anyone in the
area to donate your old PCs, keyboards, monitors and software to them.
They’re also looking for furniture, cables and building supplies

Another plus is that they are occupying the once derelict building and lot
of 51 Vine which if you recall was a scrap yard only 2 years ago!


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