Vine Parkette covered sand box completed

A local architect has informed the blog, that now the sand box cover is complete the the sandbox usage has really gone up.


This looks nice from afar, but viewed from up close it's a nasty piece of work. These shelters wont last the summer, by which time they will be an eyesore at best or a safety hazzard at worst. Much of the materials are of such poor quality that they should not have been used: a crack runs almost the full length of one of the supporting 2×8 beams – this should have been thrown out, but instead it was braced with offcuts. There is no underlay for the cedar shingles which means a soccer ball or even a branch will fall straight through the roof. The construction is of terrible workmanship too. One of the bracing beams hasn't been screwed in properly, so anyone tall enough could pull it right off with zero effort. If I was to do a chin-up on the others they would likely fall down too…. not that I go around doing chip-ups, but others might

Yeah and the sandbox is way to small. The old one was way better, 3 times the size with a wood edge you could sit on. Kids are now fighting for real estate in there and the cat shit is soon going to overflow it. Hope there are more benches around the splash pad too.

Thanks for the update Guy. Shoddy workmanship, on what appears to be a simply project, is always disappointing to see

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