Yes the blog is back on…Fruit and vegetables, fight for street cred in the Junction

Can the Junction ever have have a store such as this. Where the fruit and vegetables are displayed outside, yes I know the Sweet Potato store is doing this somewhat but not to this extend.

Also a retailer that has a good selection of flowers… my wife who is always one to shop in the Junction was just telling me a about a store in Bloor West Village that has a wonderful selection of flowers.

Although the sidewalks are a bit less in width there is room for a greater street retailer presence.

Same store in Bloor west Village using a bit of the BMO banks front space way to go BMO.
Same store in Bloor west Village using a bit of the BMO banks' front space - way to go BMO!

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I'm with you! I think it would be great to have more choice in the 'hood for fresh produce and flowers, esp. if the store highlighted local producers. I think the vacant Acme Candy store at Dundas and Pacific would be perfect for that. They could display flowers and produce on two sides of the storefront.

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