JBIA flowers

The Junction BIA has placed flowers around the trees along the strip which greatly improved the streetscape.

update : asked the JBIA how many times they will be watering the flowers and it will be three times per week.


I was told these have a two fold purpose: to beautify the strip, and to stop dogs from peeing on the trees. They sure do beautify the strip, but I doubt they'll have much affect on dog's urinating on the trees.

Forget the flowers, the metal structures are absolutely hideous. Why get these when there are perfectly useful cement flower holders?

I agree, they remind me of funeral flower stands, and since most of them are uneven and just stuck in the ground it makes the neighbourhood kinda junky looking.

(Did the BIA pay for these or were they donated?)

I understand the stands will be completely hidden with the flowers as the flowers are to flow out and down over the stands

Who is responsible for the watering and upkeep of these? The businesses they front, the BIA, or the City?

the JBIA has hired a watering company, and asked JFAC (the festival) to store their equipment

Some people are never happy. What do you think costs more… the metal ones or the poured cement ones? The poured cement ones have a habit of cracking and becoming ugly eyesores.

You know if they went the cement route most of you would be on here bitching about that too.

Let's have everyone who posts here put up pictures of where they live so we can critique their choices of colour and style.

The concrete containers weren't attractive when they deteriorated and looked strange with trees planted in them, as if the designer felt that the tree would grow in a container like that. Some called them "tree coffins". However, they did hold flowers more elegantly than these metal frames.

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