200 Annette Street – hoarding goes up

Wednesday the 23rd of June 2010
It’s happening the hoarding is going up and soon the simple elegance of the church will be gone and replaced by homes. While homes will lessen the street-scape – this developer is retaining enough that the church will still be visible to the mind.

200 Annette Street – details of development

  • A 4.57m wide driveway is proposed, 6.0m is required bylaw.
  • Parking Spot width of 2.74m is requested, 3.2 is required
  • The dormer height on the north side is 10.42m, 10.0m is the maximum allowable height even though the roof of the church is much higher than 10.0m
  • The proposed residential gross floor area (GFA) is 583m2 which exceeds the allowable amount by over 350m2.  The actual church is not getting significantly bigger with the condo conversion but GFA for residential is different than it is for churches.

Other notes:

  • To accommodate the driveway and parking area the site plan calls for the removal of 2 mature trees including one large tree on High Park Ave and one at the back of the site.
  • New entrance door on the west facade.
  • Five new entrance doors on the south facade
  • 10 new skylights on the south roof.
  • The site plans notes “relocate bus shelter”.  I think this is to improve the unit 1 patio view but I wonder what the TTC is going to say about that.

Text in italics from Martin L of the JRA

I hope a few facts and drawings help clear up some questions about this project.

Martin Lennox JRA co-chair


Can't wait, these should look great once finished. The old Church as well as the construction have been an eyesore fore years now.

Very interested in what happens regarding the parking situation, as it appears the plans calls for the driveway to slope down and have cars parked partially under the current structure. There isn't a lot of room on the north side of the building and I can't really understand how there will be enough room back there.

From a heritage perspective the building is, fortunately, listed on the inventory, and according to Heritage Preservation Services having the building designated is one of the conditions upon which they have approved the developer's application. They have other design issue too, although I don't know what these are (they are likely minor).

Also, the "mature tree" on High Park to be removed – is that in addition to the one already knocked down in the storm about a month ago?

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