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Junction Business Improvement Assoc moves in with Junction Arts Festival

You may have noticed the strange state of the  Junction Business Improvement Assoc offices next to Delight Choc. these past few days.

All the ruckus is caused by their move in the Junction Forum for Art and Culture offices ( the Non profit that runs the yearly festival)  at 2968 Dundas St West Ste:306.

Excellent backgrounder and state of action report about 6 Lloyd Avenue on the MRA site

Interesting walk in the upper (North) Junction

One of the most interesting walks in the Junction is the walk behind the industrial road of Glen Scarlett Rd. While you are in a completely natural area the industrial landscape just  above the trees and creek is completely invisible for much of the outlined walk above.

new ice cream shop in the Junction a needed option for the community

Ice cream as we recognize it today has been in existence for at least 300 years,  Though no one knows who invented ice cream, but  the junction is getting another cream shop located on the south side between Quebec and Clendenan Ave.

They will be serving Kawartha Dairy ice cream we are told

The Junction from the roof of 2968 Dundas st west

Though I would post them as they rather different views from the norm. They also provide a good sense of the building massing in the area.


Beautiful view of Barcelona's chamfered gird

As I was thinking lately about the Junction spacial layout and the effect it had on street culture, I when about looking at historical planned examples of urban layout and came upon this wonderful image.

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The Village by High Park, Topping off ceremony

Recently the blog attended the topping off ceremony for the  The Village by High Park  condominium project, an event to celebrate both buildings reaching their final height by the placing of the last major structural concrete.

In these images you see the  men and woman who are building the enjoying  a meal to celebrate all of their excellent work.

After 60 years at 777 Annette Street Ward and Patch Sports closes local store

from their site,

First off, I (Rod LaForme Ward and Patch Sports) would like to thank all of your for visiting our website. I am sure some of you have found out or noticed that after 60 years, Bob Ward has decided to close our flagship store located at 777 Annette Street in Toronto. The store was founded by his father and it was a tough choice for the Ward family to make, shutting the doors of a location that had been in operation for 60 years. Parking had become a problem throughout the years, making the location a bit of an issue to get to and Home Run Sports from Winnipeg was interested in starting an operation in the GTA, so Bob made the tough call to move along all of the baseball inventory and Ward and Patch existing baseball accounts to Home Run Sports. Home Run Sports has opened a location on Dundas Street in Mississauga, just west of the 427 and are handling most of the existing Ward and Patch accounts.

So, what does this mean for Ward and Patch Sports? Well, if anything, growth! Ward and Patch is still very much in operation, with both our Richmond Hill location at 13270 Yonge Street and our Midland location at 869 Queen Street up and running in full force! The Richmond Hill location that specializes in goalie gear under the sub division of The Goalie Crease, will continue to sell a full variety of baseball gear and are also expanding our business model, our latest venture will be in Lacrosse, with eyes on expanding into more sporting good markets of the next few years. The plan at this time is to move into a bigger location within the next few years and take advantage of the young sports minds from within the business. We still offer a full range of uniform business for all sports as well and will be further expanding on this avenue as well going forward.

Junction Arts Festival – will feature an ecumenical prayer service

The Junction arts festival which seeks to serve the community and installs a huge stage for the festival weekend has worked to provide our main stage to the communities churches on the morning of Sept 12.

After informing Bill Saundercook’s office about the the service he wrote this on his Facebook page, and I thought I could not write it better, so here is his take on the service…

The Junction Arts Festival taking place in Sept 8 though 12 in the Junction/High Park will feature an ecumenical prayer service. Churches and places of worship are an integral part of our communities. As such, the churches and temples within and around the festival footprint will play an important part in this year’s event. For festival updates, please see

Delight Chocolates Art Exhibit “Whimsy and Decadence along with a Creative”

Local resident, Theo Gallaro had his first solo exhibit at Delight Chocolates on Tuesday June 29th. The 12 year old artist has been selling his hand drawn cards for the past year at the local store, which is renowned for it’s unique handmade, fair trade chocolates and ice cream. When Theo approached Delight owners Jennifer Rashleigh and Jeff Brown about a possible show, they were very supportive-another great example of how the junction community supports each other and why we love living here.  For those who have not yet experienced the delight of Delight, they are located at 3040 Dundas St. West, with a new location at 805 Queen St. West. The show runs until the end of August.