43 Junction Rd work work in last mths then in the last 25 years

Massive word is taking place at at 43 Junction Road. The old production system building  next to the Silos are being renovated.

The exterior of the building has  had the windows re configured (made smaller) . The brick has been repaired and painted, a number of businesses have moved in.


Yikes…the back side of that new condo looks pretty bleak. I hope the taller one isn't like that…it looks like a housing project in the bronx.

The building looks great, It would have made a nice "Wychwood Barns" type place, but anything is better then nothing as long as it doesn't smell, pollute or contaminate the area as we have enough of that already. (Like some businesses around there)

Any word on what they'll be doing on the property? Since Lafarge will be operating there, it could be like the previous operation. They're really cleaning up that warehouse out back. The beige EIFS cladding properly they've applied to it looks inappropriate for an industrial setting, though.

It seems a disposal company has set up in the north west corner of the property. Not sure what they're doing but it did appear to be some sort of mini transfer station.

The Land belong to JDCPM INC Property Management
the Yellow building as nothing to do with Lafarge
Lafarge is only operating the Silos.

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