Subway coming to Junction

-Subway Sub shop moving into the Junction, making it the 1st fast food chain.

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  1. I know we don't like chains in this hood, but I must confess I'm looking forward to this!

  2. There is already a Domino's on Dundas and High Park, so this Subway would not be there first chain.

  3. Theirry

    Hooray for anchor tenants!! First Starbucks, now Subway…. brilliant

  4. Love the Junction

    So is there a Facebook page opposing this like all the anit-Starbucks hoopla? I am just curious as to how these anti-whatever folks choose their battles

  5. junctioneer

    Right ho missed that thanks for correcting me

  6. Junction Resident

    There are a number of small cafes and coffee shops in the Junction, so it makes sense that there would be more concern about a Starbucks.

  7. I guess that depends on how many friends that subway guy at Keele and Bloor has – no real sense of community in his place as there is with our local coffee shops though.

  8. Theirry

    Nice guy, but those subs are awful.

  9. Martin L.

    Despite being the worlds largest restaurant chain Subway doesn't rally opposition like Starbucks does.

    I think this is a positive move, its nice to see investment in the Junction and this should add more people to the street at night.

    Its not realistic for the Junction to avoid this type of development forever, I do hope its limited so our independent businesses can grow along side the chains.

  10. Blockbuster if also a chain.

  11. I'm pretty interested to see what happens to the stip once the condos off of Keele start to take occupancy. There are a lot of places sitting empty right now, and I have to assume they're empty because the landlords had a bit of foresight to know that adding a few hundred more people into the neighbourhood is going to interest in retail space.

    I'm willing to wager there are a lot more updates like this one over the next few months. Junctioneer – when do those places start taking occupancy? Any thoughts on what's going to happen?

  12. W. K. Lis

    Would rather have a Mr. Sub instead.

  13. DoberMomma

    I believe the Keele Street condos start to take occupancy in September.

  14. Tom Friendly

    Mr. Sub is ghetto… Canned mushrooms, weak toppings. Subway or BUST!

    PS, Friendly Thai is a chain!!!

  15. Theirry

    Now if only Tim Horton's took over the Coffee Time @ Dupont & Dundas W… then the eastern part of the strip would come alive!

  16. Sorry Theirry but I'll have to disagree with you, it's an old school sub shop and I'll take him over Subway any day.

  17. Martin L.

    Hello Glin, last month the developer said people will start moving into the east tower in Sept and the west tower should be fully occupied by Feb.

    There are over 600 units so I expect over 1000 people to move in. We will certainly see additional development.

  18. Theirry

    I mean, if you like canned meat balls and cheap deli meats its ok, but aside from the really nice guy running it the place is maybe a 1.5 / 5

  19. I've never met the guy only the lady, maybe she has the magic touch. I still think it's better that what you're saying. Oh well, you can enjoy Subway, I'll stick to the Sub Shop.

  20. the west tower will not be fully occupied until June

  21. JunctionJim

    Do you mean the big red eyesore of a shop at the corner of Keele and DUNDAS? I would live for Starbucks to take over that place and clean it up like they've done to many old buildings in Toronto.

  22. junctioneer

    the post is about food chains

  23. W. K. Lis

    Actually, I'd prefer a TTC Subway (Downtown Relief Line?) coming to the Junction. Could be heavy rail or light rail, doesn't matter really, but a rapid transit line at least.

  24. Theirry

    No, chance…. and i'm not quite sure how your comment relates back to the topic at hand?

  25. because the topic is subway… its not that much of a stretch

  26. dobermom


  27. The TTC will build the DRL with the YUS and BD lines getting busier and busier. If we push for it, it could make it to the Junction in the first leg. Alternately, it could terminate at the Bloor line (Keele or Dundas West?), just missing us. Now that would be a shame if this dense and increasingly vibrant area wouldn't get a station.

  28. Love the Junction

    What are DRL with the YUS and BD lines?

  29. JunctionJim

    I emailed Rob Ford regarding transit and he replied stating one of his priorities was to build the DRL (Downtown Relief LIne).

  30. Junction love

    How can we get involved in lobbying for this to come up to the Junction?

  31. YUS – Yonge-University-Spadina line
    BD – Bloor-Danforth line
    DRL – Downtown Relief line

  32. DoberMomma

    Maybe this isn't the right spot to ask… but how do we know that Starbucks is coming?

    That new building across from Creme still has a "for lease" sign in the storefront window…

  33. ^^^
    I don't think we do know that Starbucks is coming. personally I'd be very surprised if they opened in that new building… there are already 6 or 7 places to get coffee within a few blocks.

    It may well be much fuss about nothing. Although eventually I suspect it will rear it's head somewhere in the Junction (probably closer to Keele)

  34. JunctionJim

    I sure hope so….

  35. That newly built building replacing the Handyman's Shop will probably have to look to a chain or boutique to recoup the investment in constructing the building. Will it be Starbucks? Who knows. There's one on St. Clair in that poorly redeveloped Stockyards area if you want that experience in the Junction.

  36. JunctionJim

    I do go to that one, but like most people in the Junction, I would rather walk and the "stockyards" development is VERY pedestrian unfriendly at the moment.

    Besides, I'm sure many store owners along Dundas would welcome the traffic redirected into their area then away from it.

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