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The Village by High Park condominium project is entering it’s final stages with the bridling of the second building.

All the while the interior finishes are being installed in both buildings.

In the opinion of this author the buildings have gone up with almost no discernible load on the community other than what could be expected minimally from a project of this size.

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  1. Theirry says:

    "In the opinion of this author the buildings have gone up with almost no discernible load on the community "

    Can you explain what exactly you mean by this comment?

  2. Tom Friendly says:

    One 'load' has been issues with parking on surrounding streets. The workers tend to use up all the street and lot spaces in the streets around the building but besides that not any problems.

  3. Ring.It. says:

    What will happen to the load on the community after thousands of people move in to the crammed little intersection that is Keele/Dundas?

  4. Raymond Kennedy says:

    Any word on the final choice for a name?

  5. Robert says:

    Yes this needs to be addressed and as thectraffic study forvthecprojects was done years agomi,s good another one is being done now

  6. Robert says:

    Will ask them

  7. V A says:

    Its "Heintzman Place"

  8. Tom Friendly says:

    Any word on what stores are moving into the ground floor on Keele?

  9. Raymond Kennedy says:

    Fantastic choice!

  10. Theirry says:

    Zoot's Suits, Daisy's Flower Shop, and a Kwik-E-Mart

  11. Raymond Kennedy says:

    Too late to address it. The damage is done. There is only one way through the area, Dundas and Keele. Traffic has been getting worse ever since Old Weston Road bridge was demolished. Should have included a road underpass of the railway diamond along with the present GO train project. Actually, it may not be too late. The underpass is designed four tracks and really only two will be needed with the demise of that ridiculous Airport Train.

  12. junctioneer says:

    sometime next year I think

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