Concourse restaurant gets new windows

– new windows just installed in this restaurant, got glimpse Inside very 70’s and yellow.

This place has been there for decades and has a regular customer base.

Wondering if they primarily live close by, and they do where?

Location:McMurray Ave,Toronto,Canada


I would guess they've never cleaned the place / walls since the smoking ban went into affect in 2001 / 2004 (not sure if they are designated a bar or restaurant), hence the gross yellow colour.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo. This place is a blight on the area thanks to it's seedy customers. Raise that rent pls!

I don't care if its a seedy business. What really is the worst thing about the Concourse is that its customers seem to own the piece of sidewalk that is the sountheast corner of Keele and Dundas. They smoke, stagger, intimidate, leer, and there is quite ofter more than five of them hanging out there, at night, sometimes more.

I cross the street now and avoid that corner completely. And why expose my kid to a wall of smoke? I get that smokers have to smoke outside, but that corner is ridiculous.

It doesn't seem fair. Last time I checked, they don't have an outdoor space like Shox's. Who appointed them owners of the sidewalk!?

"It doesn’t seem fair. Last time I checked, they don’t have an outdoor space like Shox’s. Who appointed them owners of the sidewalk!?"

Good one rerun…… the same thing could be said about Mr. Bike Man's daily sidewalk flee market, but some people think that junk on the sidewalk = "enhanced shopping experience". I'm all for bylaw enforcement in these cases

Even the outdoor area of Shox has a no-smoking bylaw. You have to leave their property to puff. Concourse just screams drug spot. How can they stay in business with a few randoms drinking $3 beers. I'm also tired of the perv collective of old men that sit on the south west corner of Keele/Dundas and comment on women. There is one dude there who has noise makers and when a woman walks by he'll click or ding something so that she looks at him and then he'll turn to his other ancient compadres and smile like he just achieved greatness. Get a life…the lot of you.

Maybe a kind soul from the fire dept. could loan the community a high powered hose and water hookup to clean up the front of concourse…. patrons and all

We're all owners of the sidewalk because sidewalks are public spaces. The more well-meaning people hang around on sidewalks, the safer our streets can be since the presence of these people will intimidate criminals. They essentially enhance surveillance simply by choosing to socialize and spend time in streets. (That could be at a patio, balcony, porch or just on sidewalk.)

Even transients and seedy looking people who hang around on streets uninterested in criminal activity can be useful in discouraging crime. Sometimes, there are truly undesirable people hanging around who may be criminals. Other times, it's just people with personalities that are unpleasant.

Actually, some of those Concourse customers are the criminal element, they are hardly keeping the streets safe. Over the years, I've heard conversations about scoring, and I've seen a couple of them scoring drugs on the street. Occasionally I see a local working girl hanging with them on the sidewalk hustling. And she looks like she may have a drug habit to support.

A.R… will you be out there tonight reclaiming that piece of the block for everyone else in the community? (Lead by example)

Theres an obvious criminal element as Rerun has stated. I bet everyone who posts on here knows of or has seen the larger WASP (saying "white" may be non-PC now…) girl who wears a sweatshirt and track pants, that always rides a different mountain bike between Dupont & Keele on Dundas? She's a runner, and she has drugs in that leather pouch she wears over her shoulder.

Sad part is, she's just one of them in our community.

I often do spend evenings on my porch keeping an eye on the street, which is just a side street but sees a wide variety of people passing by. The beauty of this sort of thing is that it's not even a special effort but something that anyone can do casually as part of their lifestyle. I will spend more evening time on Dundas but that's first and foremost something for the people who live in buildings on the street itself. It's not really about some sort of Guardian Angels style march.

I believe you and Rerun about the criminal element in front of Concourse. I said what I said because I always hear comments with a negative about any group who habitually hang around public spaces. It may be too late for the "people on the street" concept to clear the (from what I hear) established criminal element at Concourse but it can prevent more such spots from developing as well as random criminal acts.

Also, the fact that Concourse has not installed a fixed sign since the exterior brick refurbishment was completed, suggests to me that this hole's days are numbered.

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