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Young People Want Apartments, Not Houses; iPhones, Not Cars

A new study by GWL Realty Advisors (Canada) comes to some interesting conclusions. Full report download DRIVERS OF APARTMENT LIVING IN CANADA FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY At a…

Heintzman place Railside photos

What a change over from the past decade  on the Old Cantire site,

Sarah DOUCETTE wins with 9,557 votes

Population: 50,640 ….addition from above CityTV tally 20218 votes made this election Voter turnout in 2006 municipal election: 46 per cent

Monarch Rd today from the Maple Leaf Mills site

This Road which has been abandoned for so long by the city is now visible. (but not useable) To the left and right of the bottom image sat…

Monday morning inside the silos basement

Todays election, more taxes please

Today –Ward 13’ers will head to the polls and vote for the next Mayor and local councillor . For this blog, the choice is obvious: The person who is to…

Holdup steel comes down off old Carlton Village School

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From Municipal elections in Toronto are upon us next week

. Municipal decisions shape our everyday lives, from the quality of our public services to the health of our environment, yet voting turnout hovers at around 40 per…

Humberside High School

Humberside School was sending automated phone calls q yesterday. Apparently, some stranger was caught following some students home recently. The school has called the authorites and the police…

JRA is hosting its meet-the-JRA-candidates night at Axis on Thursday, Oct. 28, 7pm

JRA is hosting its meet-the-JRA-candidates night at Axis on Thursday, Oct. 28, 7pm to 9pm. Come out and get to know the incumbent officers and new candidates. If…

Lets create neighbourhood councils

wonderful idea eh! It would be great to have Toronto  neighbourhood councils  made up of elected city council members as well as representatives from  the police , fire…

Petrocan station. Dundas St west and Prince Edward

Lifting the roof in an effort to simply insert two foot risers in the structure to raise the roof. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Post Victorian rear

Just look what can done with similar types of housing buildings that bare common in the Junction. An addition type that really builds out and creates wonderful living…

*The Junction Pumpkin Fest & Scary Halloween Movies Event*

Saturday October 23, 10am – 12pm Free pumpkin carving from 10am to 12pm at The Junction Train Station (Dundas Street east of Pacific). Hot chocolate and cookies will…

Important Rabble article

Reported here is a important and good article for any person stymied by the  current election issues in Toronto Reposted from Moving forward on municipal voting reform…

Wild, Wild, Junction II The Historical Mystery Tour Continues

2nd Incredible Year! The West Toronto Junction Historical Society presents: Wild, Wild, Junction II The Historical Mystery Tour Continues And the launch of Justice in the Junction The…

Vine Ave road water grate repaired

–City crews work to fix the grate in front of the Vine parishes

Local resident has great and even more great urban farmer idea

Dear High Park/Junction Land-owner, Do you have a portion of your property (25 ft x 25 ft or larger would be ideal, but I will consider any plot)…

People not cars great blog article

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New cafe at 2173 Dundas St west

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Junction still has some it's old flavor in people

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Inside Toronto Junction Residents Association hosts Ward 13 all-candidates debate

Inside Toronto has a good article on the Junction Residents candidate meeting LISA RAINFORD|Oct 07, 2010 – 5:45 PM| 0Neighbourhood heritage preservation a key issue debated in Junction…

Junction Arts Festival have your say reception

Reception Tues, Oct 12, 7 – 9 pm, We’ve scheduled a party especially to invite your response to When Art Meet Street, the current exhibition prepared by the…

Streets are for transportation

People AFTER bus,car,and trucks Says Pavlov a candidate for Ward 13 Saundercook agrees roads are for traffic but provided thought on other road usage.

Junction Residents Association all candidates meeting on now

Still time to come… Only half wayThough the questions 8:09