Best redeveloped building/lot in

The junction this year?

A few lots and/or buildings go under a major renovation each year. Most sadly do not amount to Much – architecturally or historically.

Yet once in a while a site gets rewritten with a building that defines the old, the new and also
Takes from the old to
Create a new building that fits in to it’s lot.

The blogs nomination for best redevelopment of 2010 is the old handy man store site at 3077 Dundas St west.

One of the reasons is the new buildings rebuilt rounded front of the old building, another being retention of a very open 1st floor retail area.

An great added bonus is the balconies for the apartments above the retail space.


After all the bitching and whining about this redevelopment it's nice to see the Junctioneer write something positive about a new building. Hats off to the owners for their very nice addition to the neighbourhood.

I never really like the single story buildings. Especially when some even have a faux window or apartment to hide their single story existence.

It's a great addition to the Junction, and the owner deserves praise for the attention to detail like the deep balconies, cornice, rounded bay window over the retail door and the attractive red brick facade.

But I think it should be noted that the concrete block wall facing east is ugly and should be finished somehow since it's visible from the street. It doesn't look appropriate on what's an otherwise elegant building. It could use some paint, stucco or some sort of quality cladding system.

I completely disagree. It looks fresh and clean, which is what that stretch needs. Sometimes people in the Junction go a little overboard on the preservation tip and lose sight of the bigger picture.

This is the second time you've replied to one of my comments assuming I've said something that I didn't actually say. In reality, if you read my comment above, you'll notice how I praised this building, particularly the many quality details to the exterior architecture. However, the concrete block wall facing east is regrettable.

Unfinished Concrete block walls are the last thing this stretch needs in terms of building design. I wouldn't even wish such cheapness on an obscure industrial park, let alone the commercial and architectural focal point of our historic neighbourhood that is the Dundas strip.

I nominate the old Stereo store at Pacific as WORST reno. Everytime I leave No-Frills I laugh at how the back end of that mixed material building looks.

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