Junction Arts Festival have your say reception

Reception Tues, Oct 12, 7 – 9 pm,

We’ve scheduled a party especially to invite your response to When Art Meet Street, the current exhibition prepared by the 2010 Junction Arts Festival Team.

The exhibit showcases work that couldn’t be accommodated in this year’s festival, explores the nature of street festival art, and invites suggestions for the future of the Junction Arts Festival. Hope to see you there.

Please come and help us fill out our 5 foot x 5 foot brainstorming board

Tues, Oct 12, 7 – 9 pm,

Wise Daughters Craft Market

Local handicrafts and do-it-yourself workshops

3079B Dundas St. West, Toronto, M6P 1Z9




Neill take your ever-disgruntled self and please stop attempting to shit disturb re: the festival all the time. It's very tiresome. Every year its something or other you BIA members get irate about, enough already. Who cares when the decide to have an art show, it has NOTHING to do with your BIA and their meeting schedule.

Well most of them can other than the JBIA board which isn't best yet coordinating everyone just was not possible for this event, most of the other sponsors cannot make it to this one either.

There is another is November, which is not on a JBIA board meeting night.

Hey Blah, the event is called "JAF have your say," not "Art Show." I really do not think that if the event coordinators had made a phone call to the BIA the cross-up would not have happened. Last year JFAC scheduled their AGM on the same night as the BIA one, and in this years sponsorship contract there is a clause stating that JFAC would not schedule meetings that the BIA could not attend. The JFAC Chair signed this contract and I know he knew of the date of our meeting before the "have your say:" opportunity was scheduled (JFAC and the BIA share offices…). I am not sorry if it is shit disturbing to question why the people who paid for the party aren't invited to the party. If this is solely an art opening it should be billed as one. I am sorry you do not appreciate my input, I have strong opinions about the Festival and as an active BIA board member and businessman I am always looking for ways to improve it. As BIA Treasurer, and someone who served 3 years on the JFAC board I do feel certain entitlements – like digruntlement, a personality flaw. I do not know who you are, or what your qualifications are. Personally, I am not ashamed of what I say, and would never insult someone on a blog anonymously.

Anyone here planning on cleaning up the empty McBride lot (and the fence covered in yarn), or are you all busy playing who owns the big red ball? Get it together people

Just to keep the sponsor who is providing the funds forth event at Wise daughters, JFAC. Really is thankful you support.

Jbia funds arevused for the festival only and are not used for offices and or d
JFAC staff.

The JBIA does share offices with JFAC by subleasing an office from JFAC and these funds arecapplied to JFAC's rent

The When Art Meets Street Exhibit has been up since Oct 1 and has been promoted via Wise Daughters quite widely. The opportunity to "have your say" is embedded into the exhibit itself, so anyone can contribute ideas when they visit. It's up until 7 pm Wed, Oct 13, so I hope members of the community who haven't been by and can't come tonight will pop in tomorrow.

Blah, it is people like you who are very tiresome. You are the sort of person who tries to avoid dealing with valid issues like the ones that Neill brought up by describing the person who brought them up as "tiresome" or "disgruntled" or "s..t disturbing". It is your attitude that is the problem not Neill's.

As far as I know, the BIA was the major sponsor of the Arts Festival – although it was hard to see that on the event literature – and they should be shown some respect by JFAC. Inviting the board members to this party/exhibit/opening/consultation would have been a very good way to do that.

OH I SEE, your behaviour has ALWAYS been exemplary, your criticism NOTHING but constructive and everything you have ever said or done is right and everything that has ever gone wrong or differently from your expectations, CLEARLY someone else is to blame. I'm sure JFAC is THRILLED you are discussing the contents of a contract with them on a public messageboard.

lot is being constantly cleaned the yarn is good thing, I would say, the local arts group is prepping site for additional use each day now.

we got slowed down by the film people for a few days

I haven't seen anyone cleaning the site up, and I live directly across the street. Robert why are you leading your blog readers on? The string is dirty, ratty, and unattractive. As someone who is the front for the Junction Arts Fest, I would assume you know an eyesore when you see one.

The lot is not clean, there is a ripped stage that has sat there since the festival. Stop with the lies and DO something about it ROBERT.

I felt last night was very helpful and I took the opportunity to speak openly with many people about the ups and downs of this years festival. We also talked about how we can improve and expand the JRA contribution next year.

Thanks for the opportunity JFAC.

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