Local resident has great and even more great urban farmer idea

Dear High Park/Junction Land-owner,

Do you have a portion of your property (25 ft x 25 ft or larger would be ideal, but I will consider any plot) that you would like to see revitalized by organic vegetable production?

Would you welcome regular visits by a respectful urban farmer throughout the season to sustain beautiful, healthy and productive vegetable beds?

Would you like to see more of your food grown locally using sustainable, organic methods?

If yes, I would love to hear from you!

I need to start preparing the beds for next spring, so please call soon.

download full pdf description

Erica – 416-320-5279



I think this is a great idea and definitely worth exploring. But, given the area's industrial past (particularly here in the Junction), what measures will be taken to make sure the soil that these fruits & vegetables are grown in, isn't contaminated?

This sounds like an excellent idea however, would it not make more sense to use a large plot of land such as Hydro right-of-way and other vacant land that runs east/west north of St.Clair Avenue West and Weston Road?

I think she may be aiming to engage the community in a more direct way, which could be fun and engaging. If I had a yard, I'd be signing up! Regards.

It would be nice to see the community using that lot. I always wonder how someone can pay taxes year after year for zero revenue and no practical usage. The same goes with the empty lot at the southwest corner of St. Clair and Old Weston Road. There's also the McBride lot, but the first two examples have been empty for decades.

The taxes are covered by the income the billboard provides. You'd be surprised how much coin Pattison Outdoor and Viacom pay for prime locations

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