Best redeveloped building/lot in

The junction this year?

A few lots and/or buildings go under a major renovation each year. Most sadly do not amount to Much – architecturally or historically.

Yet once in a while a site gets rewritten with a building that defines the old, the new and also
Takes from the old to
Create a new building that fits in to it’s lot.

The blogs nomination for best redevelopment of 2010 is the old handy man store site


I have to nominate the work done for Mrs Huizenga. Before that building was redeveloped, the building and other stores around it looked old and derelict. Now the building looks like it belongs in the beaches, and 3 stores across the street have gotten new tenants and makeovers. The Starbucks building has only improved its corner, while the Mrs Huizenga building has inspired the whole street.

Just north of Dundas on East side of Keele (accross from 390 Keele). Across the street opened up an antique shop, Russet & Empire (how do you describe that store?, and even a doggie day care.

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