Art or graffiti? Art experts weigh in Toronto Star article

When sitting at the lights going west on Dundas st West at Runnymede Ave a look to your right will give you a look at these murals if you are about two cars back from the lights. You can also walk up the lane from Runnymede Ave to look at them, but probably not for long as the city wants them down.

How wrong!

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Unrelated…. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the pothole at the corner of Dundas and Keele has yet to be fixed??? Going on 3 weeks now and they JUST filled it with stones and have now left it again. Traffic is a bloody nightmare from Dupont onwards across Dundas…… what the heck gives???? 3 Weeks to fix a pothole…. thats just epic

Of the countless ugly tagged garages, the city wants these attractive murals taken down? They're clearly murals painted with the permission of the property owner which beautify the property. They're original and artistic, and seem to also be an investment to discourage tagging since they cover the whole surface.

Walk a few metres down to the railway underpass on Runnymede which is public property and take a look at the city's standards for graffiti removal. Those walls look like something you might expect in Detroit, with absolutely no effort made to keep them clean. To the informer: why don't you do something useful for your community rather than causing problems for people who make an effort to beautify their property and discourage tagging.

Also, how come we never hear of people being arrested for graffiti? Some tags in our area are seen over and over again, amounting to thousands of dollars in removal costs. There should be sting operations and the names of these people should regularly make the news for their selfish crimes.

wait a minute? Do you think *i'm* against this?

I live next door to these murals, I think they're great. I'm having an artist friend of mine do our garage…

Sounds like another bureaucrat over-impressed with his own importance. Rob Ford will straighten this out ASAP.

I hear Rob Ford drives home along Dundas, he probably stops at the lights at Runnymede, sees the alley art and thinks the city needs to clean this garbage up.

I’m sure the thought of removing parking, traffic lights and increasing the speed limit to 80km/h on Dundas has crossed his mind too.–the-fixer-huge-hole-snarls-dundas-st-traffic

A large hole in the intersection of Dundas and Keele Sts. is growing deeper and bigger by the day, along with the traffic trying to get past it.

Dundas is a heavily travelled route during the afternoon rush, with lots of drivers using it to get from the inner city to the west end, as an alternative to Bloor St. or the Gardiner Expressway.

But westbound traffic is backing up at the Keele intersection because of a big hole in the curb lane, at the point where drivers turn north on Keele from Dundas.

We’ve had two complaints about it this week, including an email from Chris Smith, who says it’s causing daily headaches for westbound drivers, with traffic sometimes backed up all the way to Dupont St.

“City crews put up construction signs three weeks ago, filled the hole with sand and stones two weeks ago, and now it sits,” said Smith, adding it has “expanded five times from its original size.”

“Now the hole is massive; you could lose a small Kia in it.”

We found what looks to be an excavation to get at utilities beneath the street, surrounded by pylons and signs that force drivers into the inner lane, where traffic snarls, or to the curb lane, used by traffic turning right on Keele.

Without exception, every vehicle in the curb lane is forced to drive through the hole, their wheels thudding down into it and climbing out, which is steadily wearing away the soft fill tossed into it.

Given the traffic problems, it has to be irritating for regular drivers on Dundas to constantly be held up by it, with no idea of when the work going on beneath will be completed and the hole filled in.

STATUS: We’ve got a call in to Rick Helary, who’s in charge of west end road operations, to find out what’s going on under the road, and when the hole will be filled.

I find it sad that you represent the J.R.A., yet have such a negative attitude Martin. I've heard rumblings about you before from long time residents of our neighbourhood…. sadly, most of what I've heard turns out to be true.

Hello Richard,sorry you and some long time residents think that way. If you come to a meeting and meet me sometime I'm sure you will realize my attitude is actually overly optimistic if anything.

I make it my priority to chair the JRA in a way that is fair and open and I ask anyone who thinks differently to come to a JRA meeting and let me know what we can do to improve.

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