Old city of Toronto washroom site for sale for $1,200,000.00



On this lot sat for decades a public washroom operated by the city of Toronto. Just north of Dundas St West, on Keele St and facing east it one of the biggest empty lots in the Junction.

406 Keele Street zoning rights include many uses including Bank, Community Health Centre, Brewery, School, Artist, Live/Work. (I1 D2) It has   19.43 Metres of frontage and a depth of 48.84 Metres.

A couple of weeks ago a team were taking soil samples from the site.



I'd love to see all those empty lots along Keele developed for an attractive streetscape like along Dundas.

Unfortunately that won't happen. Keele is a thoroughfare from the core to the 400 and I highly doubt people will be stopping at the corner of Vine and Keele for any purchases or shopping. Maybe something small and local would work, but in reality its most likely going to be bought up and developed into housing / condos (with the help of the OMB over-ruling residents and the city no doubt)

housing/condos is exactly what the junction needs – as much as possible.

there are already way too many wonderful, under utilized retail buildings on dundas – what's needed are more people to create some foot traffic.

if there aren't enough customers, there'll never be any need for more shops.

I'd be more inclined to see what the traffic situation is after Heintzman Place is fully occupied before I'd be in favour of more Condos being put up. Traffic is getting out of hand around here.

Couldn't agree more Rodger. I'm noticing a lot of "i'll park where I want to" condo tenants on Heintzman St. so far

Condo owners are not tenants. In that building, it's almost entirely owner occupied. They pay property taxes. They are entitled to use Heintzman Street just as any other local resident would. If you're implying that they're parking illegally, that's a different story, but if it bothers you that your neighbours park on your street, that doesn't seem right.

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