.election worries.


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  1. Jason Statham says:

    No offense but if you post images with horrible pixilation and resolution then we the readers can not read or understand it. There are 3 posts on this page with resolution issues. This election worries one, the Lego kids one and the Eglinton subway link.

  2. D. Trans Porter says:

    Robert posts from his Ipad now, so it appears he's going for quantity over quality

  3. junctioneer says:

    I post from my ipad because I can tap you things, whereas typing is not near easy pain …wise


  4. D. Trans Porter says:

    Robert thank for making Jason's point for him with your reply. Take the time to post legibly please.

  5. Eleni says:

    That's quite insensitive of you. Did you even read his link?

  6. rudi says:

    If you click on the image, it opens up in good resolution. There should however be a upload setting that will make it clearer at the smaller size, I think it's just a glitch.

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