An idea so great I cannot stop thinking about it bringing a farmers' market to Ward 13 of Toronto






so so happy this is happening and its a resident lead project.

a number of people have send in a request to post this and the blog thanks you all, I used Chris’s text because it gave so much info…


from their site


The Ward 13 Farmers’ Market Initiative is a group of local residents who are interested in bringing a Farmers’ Market to Ward 13. With guidance from a community animator from LiveGreen Toronto, the group has been meeting regularly to develop and implement a strategy to have a market in the area as soon as possible. Committees include Market Models, Governance, Community Outreach, Location, Permits & Logistics. If you are interested on joining our efforts, please contact Whitney Crooks at 647-409-9448 or or email us at


An overview and survey info  from Chris a member of the initiative


An initiative that is working on bringing a farmers’
market to Ward 13 of Toronto. We believe that farmers’ markets work best
when they’re situated close to those who shop there. Local and fresh
produce, farmed in Ontario should be available to everyone without having
to make a lengthy journey outside of their own neighbourhood.

We’re currently in the planning stages of the initiative and need
community input into what kind of farmers’ market they would like to have
in their neighbourhood. I encourage you to fill out the survey below and
forward this email to your constituents. We’re trying to reach as many
people as possible and groups like yours are the perfect channel for
spreading the word locally.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

It’s farmers market season again! Wouldn’t you love to shop at a farmers
market in your own neighborhood? The Ward 13 Farmers Market Initiative is
working on bringing that vision to reality.

Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts with us by taking our
short survey. Please go to our website at or click on
the link below:


This would be perfect if they held it in the parking lot of BMO right on the corner of Keele & Dundas West. Think of the foot traffic they'd get, and BMO would get some sort of write off for allowing community use on their property. Its win/win

Another option would be using either of the Green P's (behind SHOX or just north on Keele, before Vine Ave). They use the Green P parking lot @ Bathurst and Bloor for that community farmers market, seems like it would make sense (and the ground work with the city is already laid for using their property).

I love the idea of the Green P parking lot. Perhpas the lot between Mavety and Pacific just south of Dundas would be easier to access for the residents and the vendors.

Such a great initiative!

The Junction is the ideal neighbouhood for a farmers market. Central location, tons of foot and bike traffic, frequent and reliable TTC bus route, lots of young families, and all the new residents at the new condo development. Bloor W has all the street vendors, we need a farmers market!

Julie; I believe that Green P lot is pretty heavily used between the church members on Annette, shoppers at No Frills and the Sweet Potato, and general "Junction tourists". I often see the lot behind Shox sit empty except for Fri & Sat nights when the bar is busy. I also think that holding the market in the location behind Shox would be a good way for the fire department, and police department (for the time being), to do some community outreach since both are located directly across the street.

I think we can both agree that regardless of where they place a farmers market, the Junction will welcome it all the same

Thanks Julie and Richard for your input on this.

I'm involved with the initiative and our Location committee is looking into finding the best possible location for the market, one that would be central and visible, one that would not be disruptive to the residents, and one that would make it easy for farmers and shoppers to do their business.

We hope that having a large number of residents fill out the survey will give us a better idea as to the needs of the community.

Please have your say and spread the word!

Thank you!!!

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