Wow wee! Junction Farm Fest site up -mark the date July 23, 2011

Click on here to open their site
Click on image to open their site

yes I am a bit giddy about this, I grew up in The Junction with cows walking down Dundas St West, an the ability to walk up to the stockyards and pet cow, pigs and goats. 

This is one great real Canadian project.


A great Canadian project? I wholeheartedly disagree and find this appalling. Putting animals on display for children and perpetuating myths about so-called “sustainable” animal agriculture is something I’m very appalled to hear of.
It’s sickening that the event is targeting children especially, targeting vulnerable people and especially doing so by using live animals as a way to entice them.

Animals are not things. They are living, breathing, thinking, emotional beings with family bonds and ties. Putting them on display like this as a way of encouraging people to buy food products that they suffer greatly to produce is the exact equivalent of women forced into the sex trade who were forced to travel around on display in cages for men to gawk at and bid on, only to be sold, exploited and sexually and physically abused.

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