Huge fire on Mc Murray thankfully no one was hurt

Some the homes residents are on the Junctioneers veranda now.

Sad one of nicest multiple resident buildings in the area

Wish them all a quick return.



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  1. Cam says:

    Not huge. One storey. Now they are tossing the burnt debris out the window onto the lawn.

  2. Denise says:

    The house is deemed uninhabitable! Thank goodness for fire alarms. My husband and I were standing in front of the house when we noticed smoke, the speed in which it went from billowing smoke to visable flames was minutes. The response was incredible, I was still on the phone with 911 when I heard the sirens. The CP24 report was incorrect in one regard, there were several tenants in the house at the time and if it wasn't for the fire alarms, a whole different story could have been reported.

  3. Anne Liebowitz says:

    Thumbs up for this post!

  4. A.R. says:

    Hopefully they can save the facade and rebuild behind it.

  5. junctioneer says:

    It was ripped off on the early 80 for the stucco fake brick, about 5 houses on the street did it.

    its yuk looking

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