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Baby Point Business Improvement Area to restore historic stone gates at the Jane and Annette streets intersection


The new Baby Point Business Improvement Area has moved into action quick. Formed just last year they have taken on a much needed restoration of the  historic stone gates at the Jane St. and Annette St.  intersection. For many years the wonderful gates sat lost. Yet they always were so beautiful they could  pull an awe inspiring glance when walking by or a catch of eye when driving by.

Further details are also available in a story published by the Villager:–bia-to-restore-baby-point-gates

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square” Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.


Help take Sorauren Park to the “next level”…

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square”

Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Food and drinks provided

Help plan — and name — the new “Sorauren Square” proposed for the “dead zone” of derelict land between the Sorauren Fieldhouse and the old linseed oil factory.

At this public design workshop, we’ll look at town squares in other cities and countries, review the existing Sorauren Master Plan concepts, and get drawing!

Sorauren Square is envisioned as a place for markets, festivals, concerts, shows, events and meeting neighbours on warm summer evenings.

If you like to draw and dream, or have ideas for this new public space, please come to our Design Workshop. RSVP to so we can plan our numbers.

“Sorauren Square” Design Workshop

Wednesday, June 29

6:30 p.m. at the Sorauren Fieldhouse

50 Wabash Avenue

Light dinner and refreshments provided

Sponsored by the Wabash Building Society


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Peggy Nash for a Canada Day BBQ in High Park from 12-2 on Friday July 1st

…from the Parkdale High-Park Member of Parliaments office

Join Parkdale High-Park Member of Parliament Peggy Nash for a Canada Day
BBQ in High Park from 12-2 on Friday July 1st.

There will be performances, community information tables and activities for all ages.
We will be located in the north end of the park, in Picnic Area 1 near the
Bloor Street entrance, close to High Park subway.



10:32pm Councillor Sarah Doucette requests public meeting with residents and park staff to view park plans


Vine Parkette Playground equipment public meeting coming up

attend the meeting have, have some input, have some fun

Councillor Sarah Doucette has just twittered  about a public meeting to review the park play equipment plans.

The blog will post the date when it gets the info


addition post outlining the issue with some good comments click here

A photo from the last changeover to the current toddler equip, local residents spread the chips.

Community contributions recognized inside Toronto article link

and some outtakes

full article here ERIN HATFIELD reporter for insidetoronto

  • |
  • Jun 20, 2011 – 8:04 AM

Ten community volunteers and five new businesses were recognized recently by Member of the Provincial Parliament for Parkdale-High Park Cheri DiNovo.

DiNovo recognized the honourees for their contributions in making the riding of Parkdale-High Park a better place, she said.

Volunteers honoured included: John Bowker, the owner of She Said Boom, on Roncesvalles Avenue, and a driving force behind the Roncesvalles Renewed project, and Tony Cauch, from the Roncesvalles Business Improvement Area, and a member of the board at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Also honoured at the ceremony was: Linda Clement and Martin Lennox from the Junction BIA; Gyongi Hamori, a volunteer in the Roma community; Garry and Sandra Melville, from the Warren Park Rate Payers Association; Tamira Sawatzky, a tenant advocate for Minto residents; Joanna Shepherd Zuk, the founder and co-leader of the Toronto West – Jane chapter of La Leche League Canada; Steve McNally, from the Bloor West Residents Association, who spearheaded the campaign for Annette Street Bike lane; and Gib Goodfellow, of the West Toronto Junction Historical Society.


Vine parkette Baseball diamond hits the dust today

well right now at 11:49am



But whats to replace it their seemingly is a lot of conversation over the current plans to place a new Jr play equipment centre in the area near where the the coming down baseball diamond is but little interest in getting involved as to what is going to be done.

Is the parkette to lose it wonderful green space?


Update 1:21 pm June 20th

A very good comment by reader John has been posted in the comments section of this post outlining the emails between the councilors office and himself, Click here to go to his comment.

Update 2 about the same time.

This author also wrote an email to the  councilor about the situation, asking for a public meeting about what can be done not what is being done.

The councilors office is correct there was public opinion fed into the process though an in park meeting – yet even then there was concern about the second phase.

But no matter that public forum was held coming up on over 4 years ago, times change in the Junction so much since then…

is it all to hard to have another look before something is placed there for the next 20 years?


The trucks the men


Pulling the concrete


the foundations

Nice to see the drums lined up….





Universal Drum Reconditioning Company. 110 Glen Scarlett Rd. Toronto, ON M6N 1P4


Project Neutral Launch Saturday, June 18th 10 am – 11:15 am. in the Community Room, Annette Public Library, 145 Annette St.

Click on photo to go to the site.


The Junction has been selected as a pilot neighbourhood.
Please join us for the official launch of Project Neutral in the Junction.

Green 13 is partnering with Project Neutral and their objective is to create the first urban carbon neutral neighbourhood in Canada.


Bikeway Network – 2011 Update 1st consideration June 23 2011


This item will be considered by Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on June 23, 2011. It will be considered by City Council on July 12, 2011, subject to the actions of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.

The Acting General Manager, Transportation Services, recommends that:


1.         City Council endorse the direction and implementation of the Mayor’s Bike Plan comprising a 100 km network of off-street bike trails and completion of critical on-street bike lane connections where the community supports them….

and where they do not impede traffic flow.


two areas where  they are in consideration in the greater wards 11,12,13,14 and greater Junction are…


3.         City Council approve modifications to the bicycle lanes on Dupont Street at the approach to the intersection with Lansdowne Avenue, to move the beginning of bicycle lanes from a point 30 metres east of Lansdowne Avenue to a point 70 metres west of Lansdowne Avenue.


4.         City Council provide direction regarding the installation of approved bicycle lanes on Bloor Street West, from Mill Road to Beamish Drive.

full report PDF link Bikeway Network – 2011 Update.pdf


Background Information
(June 9, 2011) Report and Appendices 1 to 7 from the Acting General Manager, Transportation Services, on Bikeway Network – 2011 Update

Source: Toronto City Clerk at via Sarah Doucette @DoucetteWard13