301 Rockcliffe Blvd. Build Toronto to sell land for development

The city has sights set on housing and jobs on the property and is open

to selling portions of the property. Located in a floodplain between a hydro corridor and the Black Creek culvert, the Rockcliffe property is subject to Toronto and Region Conservation Authority review.

Information from city documents

Historically, the site was part of the floodplain of Black Creek and riverine soils were
deposited in an unconsolidated state. The site was later used as a landfill and a sewage
treatment plant, resulting in placement of fill materials in considerable thicknesses
Site Description:
Flat, vacant land located within a designated Flood Plain which requires
TRCA approval for building.
The site is fully serviced with sewers and water along Rockcliffe Cr
Site Area: 15.54 acre
Planning Status:
Official Plan – Employment Area
Zoning – PE (Prestige Employment


Enviro study from city















If the market conditions were right, those factors could be addressed with a berm and soil decontamination effort. They're leaving the possibilities open however unlikely some may be.

Will it be built on stilts? Parking on the first level, so in case of a Hurricane Hazel the vehicles will be washed away?

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