Old communication box at St Clair Ave West and Weston Rd remains despite all the construction activity.


In the north east corner of of the Delta Bingo lot at St Clair Ave West and Weston Rd there remains a old communication box that has gone through many uses in the past decades.

All around it for the past few years the st Clair expansion construction has buffeted it with piles of old large water pipes and concrete debris, yet it still remains. Although the door has been pulled off since early November of 2010.

images of the box and its neighbours…

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  1. A.R. says:

    Another interesting relic connected with the rail lines that pass through the area can be found on the railway overpass just west of St. Clair and Caledonia. There was a railway station on the overpass. Its narrow concrete platform remains, along with the stairs to the platform. It has some nice railings and a great view of St. Clair. It could be an interesting public space one day.

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