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Grafton Ave community maintained park

This park is once again simply beautiful this summer.




Vine Ave Parkette baseball diamond playing base being removed today



New police station open house today Sunday 10am to 3pm


Sunday from 10am to 3pm 2054 Davenport Road,


click on Map to visit police services site about the move

Eastern Angel Rest. Now open

At Runnymede Ave and Dundas Ave.


MABELLEarts is celebrating four years of transformation in the Mabelle neighbourhood

For anyone interested in community arts, this is a great project to follow and attend, in the fall and winter of 2009 I constantly walked though the space pictured below.. sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Always in wonderment and confused about all the beautiful and unusual items around. Always think would it not be great to have activities in the Junction like this.

It really is worth a trip to enjoy.

click image to visit site

MABELLEarts is celebrating four years of transformation in the Mabelle neighbourhood. Please join myself and MABELLEarts for a special afternoon celebrating the Mabelle Park and all the funders and partners who have made its transformation possible.
We’re not finished but we’ve come such a long way!
When: Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
Where: Mabelle Park
Mabelle Ave
Time: 3:00 until evening

Stay into the evening for food and performances as part of our community Eid celebrations t o mark the end of Ramadan

Please RSVP at 416 239 4900 or
Event will take place rain or shine


Walking by beautiful roof at Lennox St and Euclid Ave in Mirvish Village



What they have… we don't in community building resources

The reason for the trip to the Bloordale area today was to visit Nelison Park Creative Centre, a place for families and children, a making place for kids, a leaning environment for everyone for everyone.

A gallery, a community meeting place ringing with light sounds from adult classes and kids summer events, which I can hear as I sit in the gallery.

Why provide you with all this information about a building and it’s community two citys wards away and blocks from the Junction? Well the local police will move from their current building on 209 Mavety St in the next month or so.

When · 11 Division, on Mavety St. leaves the city will offer the building internally to any department in need of it. Or worse sell it! .. For development, to private businesses for use.

Yet this blog believes the community should have the building for it’s own uses. In our ward the community has a very special place in the area of Swansea the Swansea Town Hall. This building is wonderful for the community, ward 13’s current councillor came out the town hall, undoubtedly having community gain opinions and knowledge of her while she worked there. What a great way to see the values and operational skills of a future politician.

Yet it is not of the Junction, Swansea Town Hall. It’s too far for families to walk to. Activities and needs for the local people probably differ in many ways. The Junction is much more urban and industrially gritty than Sawnsea. Further the Junction is strip community straddling a rail network.

The Junction consisting of the Upper Junction and lower Junction could benefit greatly from the conversion of the police station into community use.

What could it be like … Here are a few photos of the Nelison Park Creative Centre in Bloordale. Left out are images of the activity rooms as they were occupied with people.










Bloordale style buildings

Thinking about “style” of housing that has gone up in the greater Junction area as infill housing. This author
could not help from noticing the style has been townhouses that pull their visual and layout references from the older housing in the Junction.

Is it appropriate to have greatest volume of new buildings a modeled type that is so close to the historical housing stock.

Can this model really support current living choices?

Close by on Bloordale an area in far land of etobicoke has been for decades a movement to build unique housing differing from lot to lot on many streets. Today new infill continues the effort.




Fire department responds to Vine Ave

A number of fire trucks were dispatched to residential fire on Vine Ave. this morning. The number of trucks started this author to think were there so many as the houses are all semi attached, and the department was preparing to stop a traveling fire between the houses.  See the possible situation in this post.

There is one one truck present at the location now so hopefully the fire was not serious.









One of the most interesting Animal Architecture Awards for this year.

click on image to see all the winners

Window Unit

by Crooked Works

from the sites text…

In 1943, more than 80 percent of American households harvested food from their own Victory Gardens.” Today, the food consumed in most American households follows a much more circuitous path, resulting in increased preservatives, transportation costs and cultural uniformity. This disconnect particularly penalizes the poor, who are both more likely to live in “food deserts” and can’t afford to pay the high price of imported perishables.

Animal-populated Window Units enable the resurrection of household-based urban food production. This bottom-up agricultural strategy enlists urban dwellers who elect to stock their window space with chickens, bees, or fish in creating a new urban food system. Working at a very small scale, with eminently replicable technologies, these wall projections have the potential to link on-site agricultural production to vast numbers of independent households.