Venture just outside greater Junction area for lunch

Venture just outside greater Junction area for lunch or supper towards Etobicoke just before Royal York Rd. and you will find Magoos burger restaurant, a popular eatery, well known for its burgers and especially their application of cheese and mushrooms.

Plenty of parking as its in a strip mall.


4242 Dundas Street West , Etobicoke.



Working to it use the sreach function to find out about junction restaurants or send in your own review

This isn't a review, its a picture promoting a restaurant. You could add La Revolucion, Junction Eatery, Cool Hand of A Girl, Curry Twist, Silks, Friendly Thai, Purple Onion (yeah its old but good for some good old fashioned fried food) Good Neighbour, High Park Spice House, Aquila, Indian Kiss, Lenos, Pho Huong, Shox's…you could talk about any of these places and more before discussing something that isn't in the Junction!

Don't do reviews of restaurants on the blog, just point them out, and as i have said before on this blog Junction needs a restaurant blog. Read back on this blog and you will see I have spoken about each of these restaurants you stated other than Lenos. Feel free to send in any info you you think is unique to the places you are mentioned and I will post it I cannot be everywhere.

Oh, and one of the reasons is its simply a post series about restaurants just out of the Junction.

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