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Councillor Sarah Doucette gets temporary lifeline for High Park zoo

….while a  motion to convene a team of experts to explore the potential of creating a conservancy model for running the local zoo.  YEA!

On Sept 27th the councillors presented  passed 23 to 22. The motion asks that the general manager of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation seek requests for expression of interest proposals for the High Park Zoo and Toronto Island Park.

JDD hardware Annette St. is renovating, good show


For a few days driving along Annette Srt., the brown paper covered windows of the JDD hardware indicated to this author that the store was closed  for good, gone lost to the community. But no… walking by the store a day or two ago the renovation sign was seen, they are just doing a  renovation. Great as local small independently run hardware stores are the coolest thong a community can have.

516 Annette Street at Runnymede Road Toronto, Ontario M6P 1S3 (416) 767-7757


Just hope that the renovation does not mean the lost of all the great stuff in the windows.


Maria street sidewalk art

Located on north side about 20 meters from Runnymede Rd heading east, on the road the has a text entitling it Very Berry.

Telephone post close up just south Runnymede Rd


Just south on the west side of the Bell Canada colocate building on Runnymede Rd stands this venerable hydro post, having textured itself so well with the  weather and the street traffic shakes.



Dumping of waste in the Junction



The past month or so, a greater amount of illegal dumping has occurred in the hood. A few examples.


Vine Park dumping

Today sept 28th 2011 Vine parkette



Mulock Ave dumping Sept 26th -2011 12-50PM

Vine Ave Parkette wood chips going in


Although this author liked the installation last time when the play station to the east went up when the community piled in the wood chips, see this post

Vine Parkette Jr play area looks to be ready in days


sorry about the blur the combo of my hands and fence proved difficult

Attempting to photograph this huge and complicated play structure it appeared to this author early this morning to somewhat funny as to the layers of seemingly fun yet an exciting and scary obstacle course in all vectors of x y and z.

The back lot green area, which is a bit difficult to get to now from the east or mid entrance of the park is being wonderfully grassed over.

The new grassed area - grassed over baseball diamond area - think the blog will refer to it as the back lot


What can come out of west Toronto in design…Burton Kramer


Granted this author can get very excited about a new art book that even has a sprinkle of content regarding situationist art theory, and quite  jumpy at a design book  usually going thought 5 new ones a day.

So when this book showed up  on a post on grain edit, knowing this firms west Toronto location and great history happy times were here.

You seen the work regularly the… CBC logo 

Burton Kramer Identities is an important and comprehensive book on the work of a leading Canadian designer, educator and painter, who practiced for over 50 years.

Kramer began his design career in the New York office of Will Burtin and went on to work at Geigy under Gottfried Honegger. In 1961, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, as Chief Designer at the E. Halpern Agency, where he created award-winning work. In 1965, Kramer moved to Toronto to work on graphics and signage for Expo 67. In 1967, he founded Kramer Design Associates, creating identity programs for the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Educational Television and in 1974, his well-known logo and identity program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

His logos and corporate identity work have been published in numerous books and journals worldwide. In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ArtsToronto; in 2002, the Province of Ontario awarded him the Order of Ontario for his cultural contributions; and in 2003, the Ontario College of Art & Design granted him an honorary doctorate, D.Des.

Since about 2001, Kramer’s focus has shifted from design to painting. His abstract, geometry-based, lyrical, colorist paintings have been shown regularly in galleries in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and Canada.


a current design of their street furniture…


Current office of the firm is at Kramer Design Associates (KDA)
103 Dupont Street



Elsewhere another great blog with a Junction connection


Don’t lose out by not visiting a blog enetiled bricoleurbanism, its just great, so great that I will shut up and beg u a visit there.


New Keele St Bike racks… ouch


Recently new bike racks have been installed on the east side of Keele St. outside the condo development Heintzman Place (formally Village by the Park), seemingly designed as short term use spots as defined by the cities guidelines, yet surely wanted to become long term uses spaces for nearby residents.

This author can only guess – with a strong possibility of correctness — that Heintzman Place is very short of bike spaces for its residents, many condo projects are.

Always wanting greater bike and stroller mob parking in the Junction, these spots are welcome in principal. But at what cost to the poor bikes and the people parking the bikes?

This area of sidewalk is well know for treacherous speeding cars that regularly grind against the curb. Splash floods of dirty oil and grit soaked water in the spring and summer while in the winter snow and ice pile onto the sidewalk packing to strength of a wall.

As usual in new condo spots the new management board adds addition spots on site and that will probably happen at Heintzman Place.

If you decide to use these spots be very careful, and do not step off the curb to set off north, because at this very spot a biker was killed a few years back. Of course riding under the CPA subway is just out, the road at the curb humps and rises and cars wiggle into the wall.