Is the car wash coming at the old mcbrides bike site

A mid size bucket excavator has arrived at the site. Viewing the site Sunday afternoon the machine had pulled up some large slabs of concrete concrete from the old building.

Some time ago…maybe two years ago the owner of the property started a application to build a car wash on the site after the application for a condo project that exceeded the height limitations was opposed by the community.



Too bad the owner razed this building as it had a lot of charm and could have been re-purposed with a little money and imagination. Another car wash on Dundas is the last thing that's needed in this area.

Well…I was trying to be polite about it.
To be frank, I thought it was nigh criminal that the building was destroyed and the vacant lot has been a sad reminder of that idiotic decision.
It's strategic position just across from Heintzman Place would have made it a superb building for mixed commercial use.
Instead we are going to get another car wash…yippee.

A car wash is the least pedestrian friendly thing imaginable! Who owns this plot? Can we contact them and ask? I live right around the corner, noone has said a word. I am so upset by this.

I wrote to Gord Perks, there is nothing going up right now, no applications made, and apparently there are new owners

It's the direction we move in that's critical. Some redundant business that has no place in a historic Victorian commercial and residential area doesn't seem like the right direction. Also, at least in theory, the old block could be rebuilt exactly as it was, with an addition where the driveway was.

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