The Far West Junction

The far west section of the Junction has a number of prospering businesses.  There is Marsh stoves and Penmar plumbing and Rona hardware store. Stereoking which used to be at  Pacific Ave and Dundas for decades has moved back just west of just east of Runnymede Rd on the south side of Dundas St West. The Nissan dealership with a freshly renewed facade a few years ago always looks to doing a good amount of business.

It is wonderful that this end of the Junction strip is alive with such unique businesses. At one time was Maltese village community business Association which seems to have stopped working presently.

The Eastern restaurant has finally opened along with a new tattoo shop providing another reason to visit the area.

Overall there is a pretty interesting business environment some of which  pull customers from around the city.

The Rona store is just wonderful in their use of  the sidewalk to place goods upon, this really contributes to the walkabout nature in the area.


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