The Stockyards Development, ground moving equipment all over site

Artist view of part of the completed project














View from Gunns Ave with earth moving vehicle moving past

This large retail development being build upon the last great track of Meat packing land, has started to move earth as a beginning to the construction of the retail community they are building. Now that the machines have arrived the blog will begin activity reporting the the project. Probably in much more detail than you need 🙂







If you see the link below it mentions Target will come to the Stockyards but not sure if it will be the first one to open.–target-finalizes-its-canadian-stores-inks-deal-with-sobeys?bn=1

Toronto will be the first Canadian city to get a Target store when the hotly anticipated purveyor of cheap chic merchandise starts opening its first non-U.S. stores in March 2013, the company says.

Just where it might be located remains to be seen. Perhaps in one of the six Zellers locations in Toronto the retailer announced last May? Or in the Stockyards, a new development under construction at the corner of St. Clair Ave. W. and Weston Rd.

The retailer isn’t saying.

However, Target did shed more light on its plans for Canada on Friday.

Dubbed Tar-zhay by its legion of fans, the U.S.-based retailer said it plans to open up to 135 stores in 2013, including 134 in Zellers locations across the country and one in a vacant Walmart in Niagara Falls.

Yes. The flagship Canadian store will be here. It will also be the only new store built in Canada. All others will be redone Zellers stores.

Finally a topic people care about. No offense but I think most would agree with me, just check out the lack of comments lately when compaired to articles written this time last year. We need more excitement. I used to check the blog daily and now it's semi monthly.

Junctioneer covers many interesting topics. Recent posts have mostly consisted of updates on positive and agreeable but ultimately small activity in the neighbourhood. It doesn't always inspire much discussion. I agree about wanting more excitement, but people care about this stuff as well, even if it doesn't generate many comments.

On comments, its very interesting, comments are low but opinion emails high, quite different from Northeast american blogs where comments are fast and ready.

right now I am doing some thinking on content, what would be more exciting? Thanks for the positive feedback A.R.

Hi, Does anyone have any idea of how the earthquake like vibrations that are a regular feature of our day here at weston road townhomes affect the structure of our houses?

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