Textiles in the form of screen printing at Wise Daughters Craft Market

BIG secret activity comes to Junction, , which is why the Junction is so luckily to have Wise Daughters running this project,

Textiles are the Big secret in Canadian Craft, outshining the other three craft areas taught in Ontario in this authors opinion. Surface work has traditionally been a large part of the work explored, taught and made at the two craft schools in Ontario. Students in the Fabrics [1. changed from textiles to fabrics in last few years] at Sheridan’s Crafts and Design program start early working with lino cut blocks. As well over the course of their training students receive a great amount of immersion into aspects of surface printing, much of it in the use of screen printing.

3 dimensional fabric work is also just well purported in these schools.

The greater GTA has two resident programs in well outfitted studios, one at Harbourfront in the cities core and the other in The Living Arts Centre in Mississsauga [2. Full discourse: me saying  the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga is great, can be read as self servicing as I and my studio team at the time designed, and build out the studio in 1996 though 1997] both which are great stepping stones into full time craft designer/maker. (which is not a profession in this decades long craft artists thoughts)

Groupings of makers in a learning, sharing and creation opportunity such as this one offered by Wise Daughters are terrific for the continual redevelopment of craft in the Junction [3. The junction was once a major Craft area in Toronto] and Ontario itself. After witnessing many such courses take place at various galleries and centers, you should know the atmosphere often takes  on the beauty of the teaching experiences at the educational settings at the full time schools – craft can do that, bring out everything in a person.

Interested in the deep unbounded nature and history of textile craft in Ontario and the world – read and view the works of Skye Morrison – the former studio head of the textiles studio at Sheridan’s Crafts and Design program and a Doctor of  folklore (Cornell University). Text 1 link  Text 2 link to Dr. Morrison’s Red Threads project.

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One issue this author has, sure have fun with the creation of your own stencil graphic, as offered but explore the inter-connectivity of the craft process by studying and remaking images of historical and complementary textiles printers, it can make you float.

Oh and Men textile printing is simply not just for female craft-persons.



3079B Dundas St. W. TO, crafts@wisedaughters.com - 761 1455m or click image to attend the WD site


3079B Dundas St. W. TO, crafts@wisedaughters.com - 761 1455m or click ikme to attend the WD site
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