Arts in eating shops… aka restaurants, cafes, coffee jails etc

Artist BenSlow (uk)

Many restaurants in the GJA and in the of city of  Toronto serve up works of art – usually surface pieces – paintings, and some collage, along with their food fare. Often the works are for sale.

The works often offer some degree of collective beauty and the restaurant proprietor often works to imbue some esthetics into the choices of what art to display.

Unforgettably it all comes down to a assemblage of commercial needs of the restaurant and the artist, mingled together in an mix that just does not work, creating  all to often a situation that does neither any real good.

The restaurant is allowed to not address the real aesthetic design needs required to address their own clients and offerings. The artist who may sell a few works, struggles with a secondary viewing experience for the work, and often reduces the efforts of other methods of showing and sales.

All this is not to say art in eating shops in not a good idea, it just isn’t in the way its being done here. To make it work the artist must be allowed to view the restaurant as a canvas. This would of course need the normal discussions between artist and  businesses owner  who must also search for a body of work that attests with their own vision. Looking at the images posted with this post need I write more to give proof of the success of the method.


same guy as above, not named in this caption to assist is creating a memonic.

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