Butcher By Nature which recently experienced a fire is requesting comments on its Facebook page




It is great to hear the store is going to reopen soon either in its present place or another local one.  It seems suiting that the Junction central strip needs another butcher, as there is only one east of Keele St  on the North side.

A complete butcher shop has been missing in the Junction for decades. The AXIS restaurant was George’s grocery, which was a complete butcher shop.  Butcher by Nature would augment the Junction’s streetscape and retail offerings.

Butcher By Nature would be a much-needed and great addition to the Junction, but its removal from the revitalizing Annette St and Runnymede corner would be a great loss to the effort occurring there.

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I am ok with either location, but I would say that I am totally content with existing location. I have never had troulble finding a spot and usually can zip into the last spot ( or space) without a hitch.
we miss you guys and want you back on your feet again soon!
Dana and Robert

REALLY missing the shop! Can't tell you how often Doug and I say, "Oh, we'll just drop by Mirella's and pick something up…then remember you're closed. Hope you can reopen soon, and of course we think your present location is perfect…for us, at least! Good luck with your insurance negotiations. All the best.

I was sad to hear that the shop had a fire. Amazing food and service!
I live in the Junction and there are so many people here that would love it if you relocated to the neighborhood. All the other organic food shops have done extremely well in this hood. There is a brand new condo that has went up, also there is talk of another one. So your store would not be low on people. Not to far where you use to be so previous customers can still come, as well as many more new one's

I became a convert to your shop last spring and had a good stockpile in my freezer from the summer until last week so headed out to restock and was shocked to find out about the fire. I had been out of town for a few weeks so had no idea. I am counting the days until you re-open. I was fine with your old location but have to admit was excited with the prospect of you moving to the Junction. I am shopping more and more there and think your store would fit like a glove and round out the services for you and everyone else. Good luck with your re-opening. Hopefully in time for the holiday season!

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